Behind the Desk: The Power of the Concierge

By: Shad Bookout

Concierge desk #1All hail the humble concierge. From your desk or podium, you scan across the lobby waiting to fulfill the needs of the people under your care. Apartments, businesses, hotels and others call upon you to serve. You are the wearer of an assembly of hats. You are a multitasker extraordinaire, whose unsung efforts yield little to no glory. Though you are often appreciated, you are also sorely misunderstood. The time has come to pull back the curtain and reveal the wizard that you truly are.

You are an expert on nearly anything those under your watch can ask. You know the market around you. Countless hours have been spent connecting to and networking with local business partners to guarantee that whatever is needed you can procure. You are a scrounger, a trader, a conductor of invisible commerce that creates an endless array of resources on which concierge 2you can call upon at a moment’s notice. No one knows more about the area and what is going on around you than you do. And your knowledge is not limited to the world around you.

You are an expert on what is going on inside. You remember names, faces, and the experiences you have helped create. The lives of those around seem like a never-ending reality show that is actually real. You have seen love blossom and relationships in turmoil.  Singles, couples and entire families unknowingly see you as an extension as your family. They seek your listening ear, your supportive counsel, and your ability to deliver on their needs. You are the receiver of packages and the loaner of things – and an invaluable resource for anyone and everyone.

concierge 3But your job is not without its challenges. You loan things and they are never returned. You provide suggestions, but your messages do not reach those in need. You continue to become buried in an ever-growing mountain of package deliveries. But not to worry. Your world is about to become a whole lot easier.

Tracking the things that you loan others and ensuring their proper return has now been solved, thanks to TrackitLog. Also, you now have the ability to text and email those you serve about package arrivals and anything else, thanks to PackageLog. Both systems are easy to use, budget friendly, and work on any device connected to the internet (including smart phones and tablets). A new day is dawning for the unassuming concierge. It is time for your job to become easier and more effective. Your time is now!

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