Does Your Community Build Bridges or Walls for Customers?

By: Shad Bookout

path 1The path that each resident takes to get to your apartment community is different and so is the path they will continue on after they have moved in. Some have arrived to your community out of want and some out of need. They seek apartments due to social needs, financial needs, economic needs and a variety of personal needs. The one thing that they all have in common is you and the community that they are a part of. Now it is up to you to decide if you are going to help them be where they need to be.

Don’t Erect Barriers to Your Customer Service

path 3Customers love easy. Anything that is not easy is immediately perceived as a barrier. These barriers are unfortunately more glaring than the things you do to provide great customer service. Every little thing done wrong is magnified in the era of digital media and online reviews. Customers have the expectations that you will communicate with them on their terms and they can communicate to you in the same methods. That means social media and text may be a preferred method over even things like email. Maintenance requests also have to be followed up with and completed faster than ever before. Even something seemingly small, such as whether your community accepts packages and alerts residents to tier arrival, can be seen as either a benefit or a wall separating you from them.

Are You a Builder of Bridges?

path 2When you make things easy for your customers, both you and they succeed. The bridge of customer service creates the perception that you are a part of their family and they are part of yours. The things that are easy for customers become the things that customer are happy to do. Also, offering things that other communities do not and making life easier for residents builds a bridge that make customers want to remain with you longer. Everything from concierge services to loaning residents sought-after items may seem like an amenity to you, but residents see it as something special to them. Do you remember birthdays and special occasions? Do you remember their pets’ names? Even ensuring that a package intended for a resident successfully reaches them can been seen as special to residents in need.

Let Communication Skills Be Your Beacon

path 4One thing that you can do to become a brighter beacon for all of your residents is to be a great communicator. This means each message is delivered in the best way possible and is personalized. The tools within the PackageLog® system are here to help. Our custom messaging portals allow you to do more than just notify customers that a package has arrived to the office. You can create custom messages – anything from resident retention announcements to notices about community maintenance and other items – to be delivered via text or email. This provides a deeper level of dialog with the people who live with you.

Let PackageLog® be the support for the bridge you create for the happiness of your residents. To learn more and to schedule an online demo and free trail, click this link.