Do You Have a Fantasy Apartment Team?

By: Shad Bookout

fantasy 1Welcome back to football! 32 teams have set out on a quest to battle it out in order to reach Super Bowl L.  It also marks the return of the cultural phenomenon of Fantasy Football. For both on-field and fantasy teams, there are a variety of marquee players that are the focus of success. But it takes a complete team of superstars to become a true success. The same can be said about your apartment community team. These are the superstars that you should have in the fantasy team of property management.

Your Community Quarterback

fantasy 2The quarterback calls the plays that help your team succeed. They must think quickly on their feet and call an audible when the planned-out play seems like it will not prevail.  As your community’s quarterback, the apartment manager has to know all the jobs of the other team members. They have to be cool under pressure and be able think fast and act quicker. But the most important quality they can possess is for them to be a good leader. That means connecting to their team, setting a good tone and pace, helping solve the challenges to team members’ success, and ensuring everything possible is being done to win the game.

Skills Players

fantasy 3Of course, no football team is complete without skilled specialty players to run, carry and catch. In the same way, your apartment community team needs its own specialists. Your property management team has a variety of plays they must learn to succeed in marketing, customer service and sales. They need to study their field of play (your marketplace) to learn more about what it will take to succeed. Through practice and experience, they learn to hone their skills until they are a superstar at what they do. The ones who do not rise to the top either ride the bench of mediocrity or are cut from the team. But for those who strive for victory and embrace their role in the team, success becomes all the sweeter.


In the trenches is where games are won and the best offense you can have is a great defense. That is where a skilled team of maintenance technicians can help your property management team reach new heights. By deploying great customer service plays, they safeguard the team and provide a better experience for your biggest fans – you residents.  Your maintenance teams are some of your most skilled and valued play-makers.

Special Teams

fantasy 4Also, sometimes you apartment community team needs specialized players that take the form of your suppliers. The best partners for your community bring a unique set of specialized skills, allowing for both great offense and defense. On any given day, your biggest play-maker may be one of these suppliers that help take your community one step closer to reaching its goals. Make sure that you make them feel as though they are a true extension of your team. It is often the plays they make that allow your community to take the lead in your marketplace.

Whatever your position – whatever it is that you do to add value to your team— it is important for you to remember that you are a valued part of the team and that it is only through counting on each other that you will truly succeed.


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