What is the Solution for Your Stuff?

By: Shad Bookout

stuff 4When small things go missing, it can often result in a large pain in the end. That same pain is felt when there are disagreements on the who, what, where and when of stuff. Who has it? What was its condition? Where did that thing go? When is that item due back? All of these can lead to headaches for businesses. Time is lost while questions are being asked and stuff is being searched for. But, instead of throwing your hands in the air in frustration, take advantage of a better solution. It is inexpensive, easy to use and even works on a mobile device.

stuff 1First of all, let’s define the stuff. The stuff can be anything. No, really: anything! There are lots of individual tracking methods (from digital to sticky notes) for these things unto themselves. Keys, files, office supplies and recreational equipment – plus many others – all fall under the category of “stuff”. Stuff can also be reserved parking spots, time slots for freight elevators and even other items that have less tangible tracking methods, since they never leave their actual location. So then the people tracking this stuff are really only tracking people and not the stuff itself. But that means that the people are the stuff.

stuff 3And then tracking may not be enough. If the person who has the thing that you are tracking forgets to bring it back…well, the damage is already done. If the items are returned in poor condition, you often have no measurement of previous condition to help hold the borrower accountable. It is even more complex with intangible items. Communication failures may result in blame being placed, fingers being pointed, and customers who leave with a bad taste in their mouth.  It is enough to make you want to stop letting people borrow or reserve things.

But, your customer wants to borrow your stuff. Your team members want to borrow your stuff. Your bosses want you to track your stuff. You are tired of dealing with this stuff! It is time for a solution for your stuff.

Enter TrackitLog. The cloud-based items tracking and notification system allows you simple coordination for the loaning and tracking of your stuff. You can track the whereabouts and condition of your large capital items to help with inventory. You can track the location and condition of items loaned to your team members as well as track the items that you loan to customers. The best part is that the system sends a series of text and email reminder when the “stuff” is due back. All messages are 100% customizable and the entire system can operate on mobile devices as well as PCs and laptops. Also it works nearly anywhere on the planet. That way, no matter where you are, you will always know where your “stuff” is and that it will be returned to you in good order.

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