How Holding Packages Helps Make Apartment Residents Happy

By: Shad Bookout

Wilson Phillips sings, “Things will go your way if you hold on for one more day”

Kenny Rogers sings, “You have to know when to hold ‘em”

hold 1If seems everyone these days wants something held. Telephone receptionists ask you to, “Please Hold”.  Friends ask you to “Hold this for me”. We are holding on to our devices, holding on to our wallets and purses and holding all of our other stuff. We have turned into a society that is obsessed with holding things.

This also means packages. Your apartment residents are asking you to take greater care of, and spend more time with, their packages. If they go on vacation and receive a delivery, they do not want it sitting outside their apartment door for days at the mercy of the weather – or a would-be thief. If you accept packages for them in your office, they do not want to discover their packages have been sent back (“return to sender”) while they were away. The same goes for communities choosing to spend the big bucks on package locker systems. What happens when a resident needs their package held onto for a few more days?

hold 2To provide a better level of customer service, you have to successfully deal with the packages intended for your residents. But when circumstances create a situation where residents need more help from you, you can’t just turn a deaf ear to these needs. Fortunately, there is a cost-effective, efficient way to deal with packages for your residents and even communicate with them when they need you to hold on to them for just a few more days.

PackageLog®, the cloud-based package notification system, can now help you and your apartment residents hold on to packages when the need arises. Going on vacation? Hold the package. Important item that must not be sent, “return to sender”?  Hold that package. Reminders are paused and so is the life of the packages that are placed on hold.

hold 3“Our client-centric approach is what guides our business, so it’s exciting to see how client input for a feature like this became a reality so quickly,” says PackageLog’s™ Director of Client Services Chelsea Burnett.

“We love to hear client feedback for improvements, because it allows us the ability to build a best-in-class application,” says PackageLog’s™ Director of Software Operation Gustavo Ortiz.

Our clients wanted it and PackageLog® delivered yet again. To learn more about how PackageLog® can help your apartment community more effectively deal with the challenges of package delivery and management, click here.