Amazon Becomes World’s Largest Retailer

By: Christine Blank

Amazon – along with its millions of packages delivered daily – is truly taking over the world. The online retailer officially became the world’s largest retailer recently, surpassing the former leader, Walmart.

The e-commerce giant’s net income for its most recent quarter was a whopping $92 million. That boosted the retailer’s market value to $249 billion, surpassing Walmart’s value of $231 billion.

AP Photo / Amazon

AP Photo / Amazon

In addition, Amazon has quickly become one of the largest grocery retailers in the U.S. and will likely become the country’s largest fashion retailer in the near future.

Already, Amazon’s apparel sales are growing faster than its other categories, including electronics, according to Cowen and Co. One of the reasons for this fast growth it’s the sheer size of its selection. Consumers can order almost any type of clothing, shoes and accessories from the convenience of their couches. For example, Amazon has more than 90,000 listings for Nike products alone!

In terms of food, Amazon carries nearly any fresh or shelf-stable food that shoppers would want to buy. And its AmazonFresh grocery and restaurant delivery service has expanded to several U.S. cities and even to London. In addition, Amazon is now delivering some groceries, baked goods and other foods within one hour to Manhattan residents via its Prime Now service.

Amazon-Fresh-TruckNow, Amazon is even planning a drive-up grocery store, which will likely be built in Sunnyvale, Calif. The retailer truly aims to be the biggest retailer in every category.

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