What Makes You (And Your Customers) Smile

By: Shad Bookout

smile 1Look out your office window and see the puppy wanting to play with the little baby. Open your office door and see the box of treats sent by a grateful customer or industry partner.  Click and watch that funny video that everyone has been sharing all week long. All of these things have something in common. They make us smile, and smiling is something all of us need to do more. But there are plenty of other things that make our businesses smile, our customers smile, and everyone else smile.

What Makes Businesses Smile

smile 3Many businesses are seen as heartless entities. The impression for many is that it is only profits that make them smile. But nothing could be further from the truth. What makes most business smile is to have a successful day with few distractions from taking care of their customers. Businesses smile when they have a strong, harmonious team that takes their teamwork to the next level in order to help those they serve. A big smile is earned whenever they have the opportunity to give back to the community and engage in charity. But the biggest smiles come when the job they do is successful enough for a customer to take the time to say thank you and give a great review.

What Makes Customers Smile

smile 2In order to give those high praises, customers have certain expectations. However, when they receive customer service that is extraordinary, that is where the smiles begin. When they enter a business and they are greeted by name with genuine warmth and interest, they smile. They smile when they those serving them take the time to listen and even small details are remembered. Smiles grow when they actually receive follow-up that is timey, personalized, and gives that “little something extra”. Customers get the biggest smiles though, when they are valued, their time is respected, and when the fact that they are being taken care of is successfully communicated.

What Makes Everyone Smile

smile 4But there are also things that can get everyone to smile. A tug of the heartstring or something that touches the soul often earns great smile rewards. Free time and dealing with less stress is a value anyone can smile about. Finding something that is funny or memorable brings a grin to most people’s faces.  But something even simpler is that moment when a package arrives with your name on it. Whether it is something ordered online or a gift from a friend / family member, there is nothing like the feel of the cardboard and the sound of the tape as you open your delivery and take the first look inside.

PackageLog® Helps You Smile More

The tools that are part of the cloud-based package tracking and notification software, PackageLog®, can make businesses, customers, and everyone in between smile. Think of it as a giant smile factory. Businesses save time and money and are able to more effectively communicate with their active customers. Those customers receive custom email and text notifications, as well as reminders when their package arrives and other custom messages. These email and text alerts ensure they feel valued as a customer and know that you are doing everything possible to keep them smiling.

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