Package Delivery Makes Apartment Life Better

By: Shad Bookout

Photo from article appearing in Dallas Observer

Photo from article appearing in Dallas Observer

As technology continues to be the main driving force in the multi-family industry, customer expectations are growing by leaps and bounds. Not only is this being reflected in online reviews but in the overall attitude and demands of apartment seekers. People are seeking the apartment lifestyle, not as an alternative to home ownership but as a life choice. But, as more and more people everyday search out multi-family options, many apartment communities are slow to respond. Even more frightening is that some companies are even rejecting the wants and needs of residents in an attempt to create more operational efficiency.

One constantly evolving example of this is how apartment communities are addressing package deliveries.  Not only are more people choosing apartments, they are choosing to shop online. The increased volume of package deliveries arriving in apartment offices is a direct result of this trend. And, as a result, more apartment management teams have to deal with the increased time commitment, increase space commitment and increased liability that the ever-growing flood of packages is creating.  Some management teams are embracing the revolution; others are avoiding it (Check out this recent article highlighting the problem). But in either case, the packages are going to continue to arrive, and your apartment residents have new expectations about how they are dealt with.

Camden 1Apartment residents have a reasonable expectation that parcels addressed to them arrive both successfully and with reasonable security.  That means taking the time to properly manage, record and distribute packages through your management office. Tired of dealing with the added time and responsibility, some management communities have shunned this policy and forced deliveries to be deposited in front of the resident’s door. This leaves deliveries at the mercy of weather conditions and vulnerable to the opportunity of theft. All it takes is one package intended for a resident to succumb to these difficulties and that resident will surely be looking for a new place to live that can fulfill their expectations more effectively. There is a solution that can address both the resident’s needs as well as the operational needs of the community.

Camden 3A package management and notification system allows both parties to benefit from the package delivery process. Both the management company and staff save time using the digital tracking and package arrival announcements. They also benefit from having clear communication with the residents, removing the questions of liability. Everyone (both staff and residents) know the whereabouts and condition of all packages at all times. Residents also benefit from the increased communication as well as enjoying a brand new amenity they can brag to friends about.

PackageLog’s™ cloud-based system not only provides the above-mentioned package management solution, but also gives apartment community teams so much more. All messages to residents are 100% customizable and are able to be sent via email or text. Also, PackageLog® works on any device connected to the internet (computer or smartphone / tablet), providing additional time savings and ease of use. You can even use PackageLog® as a general communication tool to send residents retention messages and community announcements to your entire resident base. The best part is that it is budget-friendly. Save time, save money, and make residents happy! Now that sound like a recipe for multi-family success.

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