Is Asset Tracking Turning You into a Legendary Explorer

By: Shad Bookout

explorer 1As you enter the chamber, you are already suspicious of what you will find. An extensive search of the surrounding area and making sure to double check the usual locations reveals no signs of the artifact. You begin to explore the surrounding areas and to research the item’s location by interviewing the people around. Of course – as is usual – no one seems to have any knowledge of its last known location or its current whereabouts. Once you complete the extensive search, you come to the realization that the artifact may well be lost forever. And now you have wasted your time, wasted your energy, and have to replace this resource.

Is this how you feel each time you cannot find something in your office that you really need? Are you spending too much time searching for the assets that should be easily at your – and your customer’s -disposal? You are not alone. Missing, misplaced, and unreturned items are a constant plague in many offices. But this does not have to be case. There is a solution.

explorer 2Two scenarios dominate the challenge of missing items in your business. The first – and most common –is that something loaned, either internally or to a customer, has not been returned. There is often not an adequate system in place know who exactly has the item(s), the condition of the item(s), and when they are due to be returned. Without an engaged system of communication, the person who is borrowing quickly loses sight of returning the asset. The second scenario is that you have a finite quantity of assets but, without an adequate system in place, they are no longer available due to use or condition. In either case, businesses need a better – and more cost effective – solution to tracking where their ‘stuff’ is. Enter TrackitLogTM.

In a recent survey, Camcode lists TrackitLogTM among its “50 Best Tools and Software Solutions to Track Your Company’s Vital Physical Assets”. TrackitLog’sTM intuitive design makes logging equipment or inventory information quick and simple. The system works on any device connected to the internet, from desktops to laptops and even smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devise. The status of all items in your inventory is easily reviewed at a glance. You are also able to easily search, sort, filter, and edit both items and Lendees.

explorer 3In addition, TrackitLogTM sends a series of automated customized notifications to Lendees, providing friendly return-reminders. You also receive a Daily Digest report to tell you which items were returned late and which are currently overdue. With super-fast load times and secure storage, you can rest assured your managed inventory and tailored settings are easily accessible to only those authorized on your account.

To learn how TrackitLogTM can help your business and to schedule a complimentary demo and two-week free test of the system, click here.