Is Your Apartment Community a Circus

circus 1By: Shad Bookout

As a kid, I loved going to the circus. The sights, the sounds, even the smells would ignite my imagination. Sitting in the crowd, I would watch in amazement as the elephants, trapeze artists, lion tamers, and clowns would parade around the arena, entertaining the crowd. For weeks after I left the big top, my dreams would be filled with the announcement, “Ladies and gentlemen; children of all ages…” But the circus is not just for kids. The thrilling theater that is the circus can represent several facets of your apartment community.

Apartment Acrobats and Magicians

circus 2Property managers are the ringmasters of a remarkable show that has the opportunity to amaze their residents. They are the leaders of a troop of apartment acrobats and magicians who pull off spectacular feats. Marketing teams create wonders designed to inspire future audiences, just like trapeze artists widen the eyes of their audiences. Leasing teams walk the tightrope to make sure every tour and every current resident applauds the wonders of your community. Maintenance teams are constantly undertaking feats of magic to make sure every little detail leaves residents awestruck and wanting more.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears (Oh, My)

circus 3But a large array of beasts can also be found. Whereas a traditional circus is filled with lions, tigers, elephants and other fierce creatures, your community is filled with residents of all types. However, you do not want to create an arena where they have to jump through hoops.  You also do not want to be cracking a whip over them to get a response. By spending more time analyzing each resident’s needs and learning to communicate with them in the way that is most effective for them, you will be able to help them to love living at your apartment community. You can get them to react the way you want, just like lion tamers can get draw a desired reaction out of their beasts.

Bring on the Clowns

circus 4Of course not every resident and every team member plays their part perfectly. In fact, some days, you look around you and wonder if there is any sanity left. Sure you are not watching 50 people climb out of a tiny car and are hopefully you do not have to duck flying pies, but some days your community seems like it is filled with a bunch of clowns. Residents, team members, and even suppliers can drive you a little nuts at times. When this happens, your time seems to disappear as you get distracted from the important things to address the chaos.

A Carousel of Packages

circus 5Something else that can cause your apartment community to turn into a clown circus is packages. As more and more people order more and more items online, your staff’s time is quickly being filled up with deliveries from UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service. When they aren’t taking in or handing out these packages, they are fielding calls from residents asking if their delivery has arrived yet. But this does not have to be the case. The cloud-based package notification system, PackageLog®, send a series of custom emails and texts announcing a package has arrived and them automatically sends residents reminders and a final confirmation when they pick it up. This unique tool saves your staff time, energy, and gives your residents a memorable amenity – as memorable as their childhood visits to the big top.

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