Do You Understand “The Power of Now”

By: Shad Bookout

nowYour customers have an unspoken demand. As technology has advanced, this demand has evolved from a grandiose expectation to an absolute necessity of customer service. With our culture’s love of mobile technology – specifically text, email, and social media – this demand is not going away. In fact, it may even become more of a challenge for your company to remain competitive because of the increased empowerment this new digital world had given customers. Not only is your company’s reputation on the line; your credibility is as well. Does your customer have your attention? Now is the time to act!

Now Is the Only Relevant Timeframe

7K0A0108Customer expectations used to be a completely different story. Phone messages left on answering machines would lead to follow-up in a few days, in most cases. As email took over as the preferred form of customer communication, the anticipation of a prompt reply to a question, concern, or need shrank to 24 hours or less. But, in most cases, companies were slow to adapt their procedures to keep up with the new demand. Now, SMS is king and the evolution of customer service continues. Weeks have turned into days, days have turned into hours and now hours have turned to minutes. Time is no longer on your side.

Time is a Luxury You Do Not Have

7K0A0796It seems like eons ago. You would choose a product out of a catalog and order it by phone or mail. Then, you would wait two to three weeks for it to arrive (often to a fulfillment center). Now, anything you desire is just a mouse click away and waiting could be as short as one hour before it arrives to you. Greater access to review sites and peer recommendations has transformed long-thought-out buying decisions into instant, well-informed options. The new world has shrunk everyone’s perceptions of time.

But a mountain of distractions might be making it hard for you to fulfill your customer’s need for “now”. Right now, at this very moment, your boss and other customers have you buried up to your eyeballs in work.  The ding of the email and chirp of your phone alerts, mixed with an endless stream of in-person needs, has you barely hanging onto the slight amount of sanity you have left. The mountain is getting high and your hole is getting deeper. But the same technology that has increased your customer’s demands and increased your distractions can be used to solve both challenges at once.

Technology is Your Greatest Aid

millennials 2For the vast majority of people, phone is no longer their preferred means of communication. In order to reach them, you have to successfully communicate on their terms, which translate to more emails and more texts.  At the same time, you are being bombarded by packages arriving in your package room. PackageLog® allows you to kill two birds with one stone. The cloud-based package management system allows you to turn the average six minutes of manpower hours per package into under 60 seconds. The customizable email and text alerts also allow you a two-tiered communication approach to have a meaningful dialog with your customer. Package alerts notify, remind, and confirm package arrival and successful pick up. The same portal for these alerts allows you to send a series of group or one-to-one  text and emails to ensure that your message makes it to your customer’s eye. The best part is, you save money and time, and have happier customers that recognize you for fulfilling their need for instantaneous notice that their package has arrived.

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