Lightning-Quick Delivery Services Boost Package Volume

By: Christine Blank

AP Photo / Amazon

AP Photo / Amazon

Amazon is not the only online retailer of late to offer faster delivery speeds. Unbelievably, in some cities, Amazon delivers whatever their customers want within an hour. That would have been impossible even two years ago, so it is exciting to see how far e-commerce and package shipping have evolved.

However, several other large companies are also now offering faster delivery options, making it oh-so-easy for Americans to buy – and receive – whatever they want at the touch of a button. This means that the number of packages arriving at your mailroom or office are likely increasing daily.

Walmart – the largest U.S. retailer – is testing an unlimited free shipping service this summer that will cost around half as much as Amazon Prime at $50 a year. Walmart shoppers can choose from more than one million products, including home goods, toys and apparel, and then have them delivered in three days or less.

fastIn addition, national pet products retailer Petco recently began offering quick delivery of pet products in certain cities. PetcoNow shoppers can choose from around 13,000 products and have them delivered in one hour or less. The service is available in Atlanta, Ga.; Austin, Texas; Boston, Mass.; San Francisco, Calif.; Chicago, Ill.; and several other major U.S. cities.  When you consider the millions of pet owners in the U.S. – including many of those who work at your companies and reside at your apartment communities – this delivery service is going to become very popular, very quickly.

Likewise, Petmed Express, the largest provider of over-the-counter pet medications in the U.S., delivers 80 percent of its products within 24 hours. The service makes sense: when pets are sick, their owners want to receive the medication right away.

fast 2Even clothing retailers are getting into the faster shipping game. Neiman Marcus recently teamed with Fed Ex to offer same-day delivery of products in 18 cities. And you can expect more fresh groceries to be delivered to your businesses and communities in the coming months. Walmart, AmazonFresh and several other retailers already offer same-day delivery of groceries in certain cities. Now, popular national grocery delivery service InstaCart is also expanding to additional cities, including Miami. Its delivery fees are very reasonable, too: $3.99 for two-hour delivery or for scheduled delivery, where customers pick the day and hour they want their products delivered.

What do all these delivery services have in common? They make it so much more convenient for people across the country to order the products they want and need. They are driving more people to online shopping – some who had not used it much before – than at any other time in history. Unfortunately, this also means an ever-growing mountain of packages and deliveries at your office. Your staff cannot keep up with receiving, sorting and distribution of packages, not to mention the constant employee and resident inquiries about where their packages are. PackageLog’s system streamlines and automates the entire process, letting you focus on growing your business and delivering value to your customers.

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