Packages Bring the World Together

By: Shad Bookouttogether 1

This week the Logware crew is joining 9,000 other multi-family industry professionals at the 2015 NAA Education Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas. As we all come together for this yearly event, we pause for a moment to look at the things that bring us together. Not just as a group of professionals joining for knowledge, but as a society of friends and family, working to feel part of a larger community.

What Joins Your Community Together?

together 2As a society we are joined together by our shared interests and experiences. That is the same for the residents living at your apartment community. The one thing that all of your current residents have in common is that they chose to live at your apartment community. All of these people have different backgrounds, different life experiences, different needs and different desires. But. whatever their own personal reasons are, they moved in and became a member of your community. As the leaders of this community, what are you doing to bring everyone together? Sure, you host resident retention events in order to have all of your residents (at least as many as possible) in one place at one time. But other than that, the only other times we really see our residents is in passing or when it is time to renew the lease. Is there something else we can all connect to as a community?

Technology Helps Create Community

together 3The new digital world has made our communities more interconnected than ever before. Social media and mobile technology has also given us more tools to not only bring people together, but to reach out to them more effectively than ever before.  We are able to touch people on a personal level and inspire them to take part in the things the rest of the community participates in. From your regularly-scheduled events to charitable functions to new high-tech functions, you can now reach a resident faster and more effectively than ever before. The most important aspect is for them to feel the message was sent specifically to them (even if it went out to everyone). That level of personalization is what touches someone and drives them to want to be part of something bigger.

Package Notification Helps Bring Your World Together

together 4Another thing that everyone loves is receiving packages, and this creates another opportunity to build the togetherness of your community. Just look at how much Amazon and other online retailers have changed the way we shop. No longer are stores the central point of the communal shopping experiences. When a package arrives to your community office or mailroom for a resident, you get a wonderful chance to create a personalized experience for your community members. PackageLog allows you to send them a personalized email and text notification of that package’s arrival. The message is only for them. It continues to connect to them with a series of personalized reminders until they actually pick up their packages where they will receive a final (once again personalized) “thank you for picking up your package” message. Further, their nicknames and friends who can pick up a package for residents are notated in the system so you can further enhance the personalized service surrounding packages.

You residents start looking at you differently. You stop being managers and leasing staff. You start becoming a more connected part of THEIR community. They see you as caring and giving attention to them. And that is what community is all about.

To learn more about PackageLog, visit booth #1673 during the NAA Education Conference Trade Show and/or simply click here.