The World Cup Of Multi-Family Housing

By: Shad Bookout

Photo via CBS Sports

Photo via CBS Sports

The Women’s World Cup is in full swing. Soccer fever has once again gripped America and the world. As we watch Team USA take on one team after another, we have noticed many parallels between World Cup Soccer and the multi-family housing industry. It all starts with taking a look at your marketplace as a whole.

Group Play in Your Submarket

soccer 2The teams participating in the World Cup are placed into different groups in which they must first compete in order to advance to the championship brackets. If your entire city is the main field of play for your apartment community, then the teams competing in this group are represented in you sub-market by your direct competitors. You spend time analyzing each of your competitors, looking for strengths and weaknesses. Then, you develop a strategy of defense and attack in order to best leverage the advantages your team in an effort to edge out the competition. Hopefully, your strategy pays off and you win in your marketplace. But to do this is takes the skills of each one of your specialized players.

Strikers, Defenders, and the Goalie

soccer 3As a member of your team, you bring a certain amount of specialized skills to you position. Marketing specialists are the front line (strikers) and head out into the marketplace, seeking new opportunities to score more leases. Your leasing staff is the next layer (midfielders) of your team. They support and supplement the efforts of the marketing team, while also working to score goals of their own with touring prospects and resident renewals. Of course your maintenance team acts as your defenders and management would is the goalie. Only by working together in harmony can you succeed at all levels of the game and win in your marketplace and in your city.

The Best Tools help You Score More Goals

soccer 4No team competes without having the right tools. Soccer teams need proper equipment and training, just as multi-family teams need the right tools and knowledge. As the market game evolves, we rely more and more on these tools in order to succeed. Whereas soccer teams have their uniform, apartments’ outer-facing tools include landscaping and their models. But we also have a wide array of specialized tools to help guide us to victory. We communicate to our residents (both future and current) using a variety of technological implements. SMS, Wi-Fi, cell boosters, and other technology solutions help keep us competitive in the fast-evolving marketplace.

Another great tool is package notification and the best way to score a goal with this is PackageLog. PackageLog gives you the ability to alert your residents of a package’s arrival through SMS and email. This is not only a great amenity for your residents, but a great tool to help build efficiency in your office, allowing your team to focus on leasing more apartments and resident retention. Not only that, the cloud-based system also includes the ability to mass message your residents, giving you a brand new level of  effective communication. This mean more opportunities to win, as you become the most advanced team in marketplace. To learn more about how PackageLog can help you reach your goals, click here.