Abracadabra: Keep Your Stuff From Disappearing

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By: Shad Bookout

It is not really the fault of any one specific thing. In fact, a whole series of events has evolved over the past few years to create an environment where items around the office have a habit of vanishing. First you notice that a stapler or a favorite pen may not turn up when you are searching for them. But then, a whole array of items (often important ones) is discovered to be missing. From small electronics to customer files, to items loaned for employee well-being, why is it that no one seems to know where these things are and no one will admit to being the one who saw it last? It is a growing epidemic.

til 2We live and work in a world filled with more distractions than ever before. In the new business environment, employees and management both work 50 to 60 hours a week instead of the customary 40-hour work week. Work-life balance has been replaced with work-life blend. We take more work home and bring more personal needs into our work day. Add in the volume of digital dings and beeps from texts, emails, and smart phone alerts, and you get a recipe for a non-stop barrage of distractions sure to create an atmosphere of forgetfulness.

A manager brings a stack of files home to work on them overnight and forgets one on their dining room table. An employee borrows a portable hotspot in order to have internet access during a conference. Pass cards and keys are misplaced. All of these are common items that inevitably show up missing just when you go looking for them. But a new day has dawned and – thanks to cloud-based technology – you will never have to lose anything from your office again.

Monitor-TILIntroducing TrackitLog! When you loan an item(s) to someone, the TrackitLog system sends a series of alerts reminding the individual when the items(s) are due back. You know when it left, who has it, the condition it was in, and when it is due back. Even better, the daily digest alerts you to anything that is overdue. And since it is cloud-based, it works on any device connected to the internet (computers, smart phones and tablets included). So things will never go missing again because you have a digital record of where everything was and everywhere is has been.

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