Doughnuts Help Make The World Go Round

By: Shad Bookout

donut 1Happy Doughnut Day! It is a magical day where this beloved confection is promoted and provided complimentary to lovers of its tasty goodness.  Doughnuts not only provide a wonderful breakfast or snack to thousands (if not millions) everyday, but are an almost a type of currency within the apartment industry. From apartments providing delicatessens for residents to suppliers bringing delicious sugar-coated jewels to apartment teams – as well as corporate offices treating their teams to a sugary indulgence – doughnuts abound in the multifamily industry. But there is much more to the doughnut than meets the eye.

An Offering to the Chief

donut 2Explorers, peace-seekers, diplomats, and cultural guests throughout history have been compelled to use a variety of offerings to honor the people they encounter.  Gold and jewels have been brought to kings by visitors from afar and treaties have been initiated, in part because of the offerings that have been provided. Much in the same way, we provide doughnuts to others for many reasons. We provide doughnuts to other in order to create happiness and mend wounds. Apartment suppliers bring doughnuts to improve relations and thank the communities they serve. Managers provide doughnuts to their teams to help bind their teams together. The social power of the humble doughnut is unmatched in the emotional bonds it creates.

Doughnuts Create Conversations and Memories

donut 3The age-old debate continues (but today especially): which is better? Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts. People defend their favorite doughnut with great zeal and passion.  So, around break rooms and office spaces, the conversation continues. The reason that so many people have a passion for doughnuts is the emotional memories that these amazing confections create. Some people remember when their dads took them to their favorite doughnut shop before fishing on Saturday morning. Others remember baking doughnuts in the kitchen with their moms. Just the smell alone triggers serotonin and creates a chemical reaction leading to increased happiness. It was if mom had made them in her kitchen just for you.

Doughnut Science

donut 4The sugar from doughnuts produces an important neurotransmitter chemical called acetylcholine, which allows you to learn and remember, regulates your attention and mood, and even controls how well you can move. Your brain makes acetylcholine from lecithin. Lecithin can be found in many different bakery goods – including doughnuts – and is commonly added to chocolate. No wonder that chocolate-covered doughnuts from your favorite bakery makes you feel happy and alert! This leads to better functionality at your job and the ability to handle more of the challenges that your day may offer.

Spread the Doughnut Word

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