Is Your Business Infected With Venom?

By: Shad Bookout

venom 1Snakes, spiders, and scorpions! They are the sinister beings of many people’s nightmares. Terror-filled nights, dreaming of the venomous bite and sting of these creepy crawly creatures. But those are just dreams. The fact is that very few people are ever affected by the poisons of these beasts. In fact, there are much more dangerous forces attacking us on a daily basis and their venom is far more potent than the monsters of our dreams. Beware of the monsters that are poisoning your business.

Is Your Team Infected by Venom?

venom 2Some of the most dangerous venom that could be infecting your business comes from your own team members. We all hear and witness the stories of infighting and of bitter employees. But they are minor problems when you compare them to complacency, disregard, and hubris. Some companies and teams that are too stuck in their ways often subconsciously think that, “since things have always been this way that they will remain that way forever”. They spend time hiding behind “sacred cow” policies, instead of learning what the customers truly want and need. Many others see the challenges facing them and just stick their heads in the sand, hoping that if they ignore the problem it will go away. But usually this infection grows and festers, and eventually the poison takes over. Often the refusal to change or the inability to are driven by the sheer arrogance that team members, their performance, and their product is superior. The truth is that each of us and our teams must evolve every single day in order to succeed in the modern world and to combat that professional venom that threatens our business’s health daily.

Infected By Your Customers

venom 3Even the healthiest teams can fall victim to the venom of rouge customers. Maybe it is a customer who is just naturally angry and there is nothing that anyone can do to make them happy. Maybe it is an annoying customer that is craving attention more than your actual product or service.   The customer is not always right. But the customer is always entitled to an opinion and deserving of great customer service. It is important to keep that in mind, especially when you have to deal with negative online reviews and comments. Don’t let the poison spread to your team. Stick to the facts, address the issues and continuously strive for improvement. Every single one of us has some level of customer that we serve. The important thing is making sure that we do our best to prevent any venom they may be harboring.

The Poison of Distractions

venom 4One of the most toxic poisons is distractions.  Most of us already work over 40 hours a week. It seems there is a never-ending alignment of forces trying to keep us there even longer.  From chatty coworkers to domineering digital devices, to the arrival of partners and salespeople, the onslaught of distractions can make a long day seem infinite. One of the worst is inbound package deliveries. Most likely they are not for you, but you have to sign for them anyway and then decide what happens to them next. Will the package be locked away in a dungeon, awaiting its retrieval by the person for whom it was intended? Will it join an ever-growing mountain of other parcels that eventually will be distributed (or may even be returned)? With the increasing popularity of online shopping (a work distraction unto itself), the rate at which these bundles of distraction are coming across your desk is rapidly increasing.

The Package Delivery Antidote

If package delivery is the venomous nightmare that you cannot wake from, then PackageLog is your cure. Our cloud-based, inbound package notification system allows you to never have to feel the vicious bite or sting that arriving packages can cause. Time is saved, efforts are saved, and a new age where you actually look forward to packages arriving takes over. To learn more about how PackageLog can cure your company’s poisonous package problem, click here.