How Big is One Million Packages?

By: Shad Bookout

PL_1Mil_Seal_3v-01_revisedThe team at PackageLog™ recently announced the impressive milestone of logging in the one millionth package (learn more by clicking here) into our cloud-based notification system. This accounts for thousands of man-power hours that we have saved office staff and team members all over the U.S., who have to deal with the hassle of millions of packages daily. Businesses, mailrooms, and apartment communities have also benefited from the added communication elements that the automated notifications provide, along with customized mass email and text communication opportunities.

While this is an incredible achievement in just 27 months, we wanted to put into perspective just how big one millions really is.

  • PL picOne million cans of Coke would reach to the moon and halfway back and, if you wanted to travel one million miles, you must be prepared to circumnavigate the Earth 40 times.
  • If you ate one Twinkie per minute, it would take you almost two years – 694 days to be exact – to eat one million of them. However, you will have quite the stomachache afterwards.
  • There are an estimated one million ants for each and every person on the planet (ouch). Ants are small and so are M&Ms, which, if you had one million of these chocolate candy delights, you would have a ton of sugary goodness. But if you prefer something bigger, you would only need about five blue whales to tip the scales to the one million mark.
  • penniesAll of this would cost a lot of money though. If you had one million pennies, you would have ten thousand dollars. This would be 6,300 lbs. and, when stacked, would be 5,085 feet tall. Of course, having a million dollars would be a lot more fun. However, it would need a 333 ft. tall box if you wanted to stack it all in one dollar bills.


FedEx and UPS combined ship an average of 25 million packages per day as of 2012, according to CNBC. And that number has been exponentially increasing at a rate of about 6% per year. That means that nearly 30 million packages will be delivered this year just from these providers. Mix in the continued growth of Amazon, along with other online shopping companies, and a recipe has been created for a package nightmare arriving to your mailroom. That is why it is more important than ever before that you learn how PackageLog™ can help take away your package pain and save you time and money.

The packages are coming, so there is no time like now to discover PackageLog™ and receive a free trial. Click here to get started.