Google to Give Amazon a Run for its Money

By: Christine Blank

google 1Google’s announcement last week that it is adding a “buy” button to its site is expected to hike the number of packages sent through Google – and give Amazon and other online retailers a run for their money.

While shoppers are used to starting their search for goods and services on Google, they are not used to buying products directly from its site. Soon, shoppers will see “buy” buttons when they search Google for products on their mobile devices. When they click on the buttons, they are taken to the relevant Google product, but individual retailers will still be the ones to sell and ship the products. Google expects that the new button will encourage more shoppers to make purchases on smaller screens.

google 3The new service will spike online orders through Google, but Amazon, Walmart and other e-commerce giants are already well-established with online sales – and they continue to add new services every day.

Amazon recently expanded its one-hour and two-hour delivery service from New York City to Baltimore, Md., and Miami, Fla. For $7.99, Amazon ships any product in stock in under an hour to Prime members in these and other service established cities. If they want to receive the item or items within two hours, shipping is free.

Plus, Amazon just added Dash, a button that comes with a reusable adhesive so residents stick it on appliances, in their pantries or anywhere they store their favorite products. Whenever they are running low on laundry detergent, bath soap or a number of other household items, they simply press the button and Amazon quickly delivers the refills of whatever products are needed.

google 4Walmart, of course, is another huge e-commerce player. In its most recent quarterly earnings, the retailer realized double-digit comparable growth in e-commerce, while its mobile traffic soared more than 100 percent.

Walmart has also stepped its online delivery game, saying it will start testing an unlimited free shipping service this summer. Because the new service will cost around half as much as Amazon Prime at $50 a year, Walmart is likely to garner a significant number of new online orders from Americans looking for a value, as well as snare many loyal Amazon Prime customers.

The 5,000-store retailer’s unlimited shipping service test will include more than a million products, including home goods, toys and apparel. Walmart will deliver products within three days or less with the free shipping service, versus Amazon, which delivers products in two days or less and on Sunday to Prime members.

google 2The growth in e-commerce sales by Google, Amazon, Walmart and others represent a huge spike in package deliveries to your community. Already, more than 10 billion packages are delivered across the U.S. every year. At times, you feel like you are receiving the majority of these packages in the mailroom of your business or apartment community. Plus, you receive daily phone calls from package destined people wondering where there packages are. That’s where PackageLog’s automatic notification service comes in. When the package arrives, you simply take 10 seconds to key it into the cloud based site, and a series of automatic emails and text messages are sent to the person the packages were intended for. This means less time dealing with other people’s packages and more time online shopping for your own (when the boss is not looking of course).

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