Ensure Your Residents Don’t Lose Your Stuff This Memorial Day

By: Shad Bookout

TL 1After a long winter and spring the unofficial start to summer has finally arrived. Memorial Day Weekend is here and thousands of apartment residents will be taking advantage of the three day weekend and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. The time is perfect for them to borrow items that you can provide them to help enhance the experience. But for many apartment communities there is definitely a fear that anything you loan to a resident is destined to never return. However, those days are about to change.

It seems that there is an endless list of the things that apartment residents “need” or “want”.  They pester you with phone calls and in person requests. But history does not allow you the ability to provide them with the things that they request. It seems no matter how big or small the item is, they never give it back and it will be lost forever. But as the flood of residents asking for things continues to grow you now have the ability to always know where your items are and TrackitLog will help insure their safe return.

Here are just a few of the common items you are able to track:

TL 2Event Space

Sports Equipment

Dollies and Move-in Supplies


Reserved Parking

Outdoor Grills and Cooking Supplies

And the list goes on…

tl 3Now that you are digitally able to track where these items are, the next piece of the puzzle make TrackitLog even more effective. 30 minutes before each item is due to be returned, a customized email or text message is automatically sent to the resident by the TrackitLog system announcing its impending return.  Not only do these serve as great reminders to your residents, it serves as another point of effective contact strengthening your relationship with them.

So imagine the power of advertising the amenity that you can provide any resident with anything that they need. You could become more than an apartment community and a more embedded and intricate part of their daily lives. And you have the confidence that you know where everything is thanks to the power of TrackitLog.

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