What Is The Most Important Amenity In Multi-Family Housing?

By: Shad Bookout

amenities 3Amenities are one of the most important aspects that have led to the success of many apartment communities. If there were no amenities, apartments would basically be a stack of boxes that people live in.  Good amenities turn an average apartment into a great apartment. The availability of swimming pools, fitness centers, sports options, package reception, and even upgraded living accommodations are some of the large variety of amenity options that help your apartment community stand out from your competition. But which amenity is the one that residents crave most?

Outdoor Luxuries

amenities 1Amenities for outdoor enjoyment are some of the most noticeable and most significant to apartment dwellers. However, the challenge is that most apartment communities within a sub-market tend to have most of the same exterior offerings. Plus, those outdoor amenities bare often advertised the same way.  From “state of the art” fitness centers to “resort-style luxury” pools, to “lush” landscaping, these options are necessary to remain competitive but do not typically draw in new residents, unless they are truly unique. So if these are so necessary, why are they not the most important amenities?

Interior Indulgences

amenities 2The vast majority of a resident’s time is not spent enjoying exterior offerings at the community; instead, it is spent within the confines of their apartment. Once price points and location are removed, the only tangible things that separates life in one apartment from the next is the experience of living in it. That is why interior amenities are so important. The view from the windows and the effects of the direct neighbors will always evolve. But the feel of the apartment, including layout, fixtures and space, provides the character that helps residents make an emotional evolution from simply living in an apartment to a place they call home.  But new communities are always being built and other competitors are renovating and updating. Surely there is something that is more impactful in the short term.

Technological Wonders

amenities 4The fact that we live in an age of unprecedented technology is both a miracle and a curse for apartment communities. The biggest challenge faced by most management teams is keeping pace with the ever-changing and expanding needs and desires of residents. But three items have become less of a luxury and more of a necessity for resident satisfaction. The first is bars. It is vital that cell service for all providers is optimal at your community. If not, a wide variety of commercial cell boosters are available to ensure that every resident has access to their smartphones. The second is wi-fi strength. Everyone is spending more and more time online and is more interconnected. To be competitive, make sure that high-speed wi-fi is available to every resident, wherever they are inside the apartment community.




The final – and very important – technological amenity is package management.  Every year, there is a 6% to 10% exponential growth in the number of packages delivered to apartment community offices for residents. Getting an expedited message of a package’s arrival to its recipient is imperative, not only for a resident’s happiness, but also for your staff’s happiness and efficiency. The number of packages will continue to grow at an alarming rate and you need to be ready to evolve at the same speed.

It Is All About One Thing

millennials 2All of these lead us to the most important amenity – you. A property management team member that cares enough to do whatever is necessary to insure a resident lives a joyous lifestyle is paramount. An ear to listen to their challenges. A high-five to celebrate their successes. A smiling face to retrieve their packages. These are all a very important part of a resident’s life at an apartment community. Over time, you cease being a property management professional, and become part of their family. That sense of family is the most important thing any resident can experience.

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