Has The Future of Delivery Already Been Delivered?

By: Shad Bookout

As a kid, I loved watching the Jetsons on Saturday mornings. I was fascinated with a world where anything and everything that you needed or wanted was instantly available to you. Human innovation had led to a world where automation and innovation allowed for everything to be at your fingertips. But that future is not so far off. At least as far as package delivery is concerned, the future is now.

Drones and Robots Replace Delivery Drivers

AP Photo / Amazon

AP Photo / Amazon

It is rare to go a day reading the news without seeing an article about how drones and robots are going to replace the tradition of humans brining you the items that you ordered. Lots of controversy follows this topic, including concerns over privacy, accuracy, safety, and the worry that human jobs will be lost to new technology and automation. But make no mistake about it. This advancement in technology IS coming. Amazon recently received the go ahead to begin testing the technology and will begin initial trial runs of package delivery via drones this year. So, very soon, the knock of the delivery driver at your door will be replaced by the whir of the drone rotors as your package lands on your balcony.

Packages Go Uber

future 3For packages that are not coming from a drone hub, there is still the need to get them to their intended recipient as quickly as possible. Mix the new world of faster and faster delivery wants with the needs to reduce and optimize delivery costs, and you get the groundwork for a challenging predicament. The solution is just now making news. Local delivery needs are being met; not by scheduled route drivers, but by Uber drivers and other non-traditional transport methods. Gone are the days of bringing a package destined for across town to a shipping center. Now, you can just have the driver swing by since he is heading in the direction anyway. There is trunk space with your name on it.

Groceries Arrive to Your Door

Photo courtesy of Forbes

Photo courtesy of Forbes

And the new world of speedy delivery is not limited to packages and parcels. Now, anything that you might want is available for quick ship right to your front door. You can order household goods and have them arrive to your door (in less than one hour in many markets) thanks to Amazon’s new Dash Button. AmazonFresh and other notable online grocery companies can even deliver your entire shopping list. Gone are the days of walking the aisles and standing in the register line. In our busy lives, we no longer need to wait.

Text and Email Alerts of Package Arrivals

7K0A0108But what happens for deliveries that cannot come directly to your door? What if you are dependent on a mail room or office staff to receive your delivery? Waiting for a delivery’s arrival can be nerve-racking, especially if it is something time sensitive. Hopefully, the receiving teams that you are relying on utilize package notification services such as PacakgeLog. Immediately upon a package’s arrival, the team member enters the item(s) into the cloud-based system. PackageLog then sends an automatic, customized message via email and text announcing the arrival of the package. Gone are the days of waiting for your package to arrive. Now you know that, the instant it does, you will be notified.

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