How To Go Beyond The Stereotypical Resident Event

By: Shad Bookout

Party 1Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Your apartment residents are bored with the majority of your resident retention parties. But there are solutions to hosting better resident functions (but we will get to those later). Resident parties have become very generic in the apartment industry. Most communities have regular events tied to major annual holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Thanksgiving.  Other event may include a community garage sale, a “dive in” movie, or a “Bagel Breakfast”. The problem is that all of your competitors have the same parties that you have. It is time to go beyond the stereotype and make your events something that your residents truly crave and will remember.

A Reason to Party

Party 2There is a reason to throw a party monthly or even weekly. Sure, major holidays get all the glory, but if you look around, there are all types of reasons to celebrate.  Small holidays such as Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, or even Groundhog Day offer unique opportunities for a themed party that is more memorable than other events throughout the year. Another great option is a themed monthly party to celebrate every resident who had a birthday that month (and don’t forget the furry residents and kids). If you are in a city that has a hometown team, make sure to have an event for each home game, using the big screen in the clubhouse. All of these special events create a lifestyle that is unique to your community.

Making Your Event More Memorable

Party 3All too often, residents are greeted at the community party only to be left to mingle uncomfortably amongst themselves. They quickly migrate into little groups of neighbors they know. And, once they leave, it only take a few moments before the recent festivities are just a distant memory and quickly forgotten. Make sure to take time to talk to each resident and guest who attends. Afterwards, send a “thank you” card and include a photo of them at the party.  Also, be engaged with them on social media. Once you have posted a photo album from the party, invite them to share and tag. This is especially important to help build internal marketing through word-of-mouth from your residents.

Unique Ideas

Of course, creating something truly unique will help ensure that you are remembered for weeks to come.  Here are some ideas of unique events that will draw more residents and create a greater impact on your community’s lifestyle:

  • Party 4– Puppy Parade Party – Resident Scavenger Hunt
  • – Kitten Video Contest – Entrepreneur’s Show
  • – Kids Crafts Day / Parents Night Out – Cooking Class

The biggest thing you can do to create a memorable event is to connect to a charity. Not only is it a great chance to give back to the community, it is an opportunity to build a stronger bond with your residents and for them to bond with each other. It is also an opportunity for you to build off of the positive story and publicity that your property makes an impact in the community.

Package Notification System as a Tool

Most people think of package notification as an amenity. However, the tools within PackageLog can help you drive more people to your resident event and help make them more memorable. The PackageLog system can do much more than just track packages and send package messaging to residents. Its messaging portal allows you to mass message via text and email the entire community. These messages are great for announcements and reminders:

“The Puppy Parade event starts in 30 minutes! Ask your pooch to walk their owners to the clubhouse.”

“The Leasing Office will close at 3:00pm today so we can participate in our monthly charity event. Please join us as we raise money for ___.”

In addition, the PackageLog system gives you the added ability to add banners to your package notification emails. These are great to help announce future events and to help your residents know about the next great resident function that make them glad to be living at your community.

To learn more about these features as well as other benefits of the package notification system – PackageLogclick here.