Do Customers See You as a Farmer, a Fisherman or a Hunter?

By: Shad Bookout

marketerThere are all different types of people in the world. As salespeople and marketers, it is up to you to determine the best way to leverage your brand to acquire the highest number of your targeted individuals. Many of the same marketing methods will work for a variety of different prospective customers. However, sometimes a more targeted approach is more pertinent. It is up to you to decide whether you should be a farmer, a fisher, or a hunter – as well as choose the tools you need along the way to achieve success.

Are You a Sales Farmer?

farmerFarmers spend their days preparing their fields, tending to their crops, and harvesting their bounty.  In much the same way, many salespeople attempt to grow business in the marketplace. They spend time researching their marketplace so they know where and how to properly market. They then seed their marketplace with advertising and branded materials. As time goes on, they nurture and cultivate leads. Soon, they add in great customer service (sunshine), amazing brand experiences (water), and maybe even a few specials (fertilizer), and they eventually grow their sales revenue and their business. As essential as this broad market approach may be, it relies on the best possible conditions and does not guarantee that you will grow the customers that are best for your success.

Are You Fishing For Customers?

fisherFarming takes time and time is the enemy of most salespeople. That is why some prefer fishing for leads, hoping to catch some sales.  They bait their market with amazing promotional campaigns and customer enticements to try and lure in new prospects. If you are in the right place, using the right brand messaging at the right time, you might succeed in getting a few bites of interest. Even though these types of marketing campaigns are just as necessary, they still open you up to the opportunities to catch the wrong potential customer. But the best part is that there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Are You a Hunter?

hunterHunters do not wait for the opportunity to come to them; they got to the opportunity. They spend their preparation time planning a multi-layered strategic attack. They know that what they need is stealth, surprise, bigger / more honed tools and other methods to capture their acquisition. Once in their environment, they keep search and using their surrounding environment to their advantage. Sure they will have fewer opportunities that farmers or fishers. But what they miss in volume, they achieve in having a greater rate of success.

PackageLog can help each of these groups with our cloud-based package notification software. For farmers, we create a richer environment for our team and customers (crops) to flourish. For fishers, we offer you better bait to attract new customers. For hunters, our customer notification features allow you to fine-tune your message in order to be successful anytime you target a customer with a message. All of this and we even help you announce the arrival of packages via text and email.

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