How Amazon Dash Will Spike Package Delivery

By: Christine Blank

Dash 1We’re sure you already see too many boxes with Amazon logos flooding your community daily. Americans have gotten very used to ordering everything they need – from cars to groceries and everything in between – from the most popular online shopping site in the world. It is so convenient: they simply make their selections on, click “order”, and the products show up within two days to a week – sometimes even overnight.

Now, expect to see an even bigger influx of Amazon packages with its new Dash service. Dash is a button that comes with a reusable adhesive so residents stick it on appliances, in their pantries or anywhere they store their favorite products. Whenever they are running low on laundry detergent, bath soap or a number of other household items, they simply press the button and Amazon quickly delivers the refills of whatever products are needed.

Dash 2But it is not just laundry detergent that can be ordered at the touch of a button. It is everything from diapers to toilet paper to food and bottled water. So, whenever they are running low on their favorite brands of many items, they can quickly get a delivery. The absolute simplicity of this new system makes it even easier for consumers to order products online – and receive them quickly. We can only imagine the millions of additional packages this new service will generate.

Already, apartment residents are receiving more packages from Amazon. The number of Amazon Prime members has surged to an estimated 40 million members, which means those members can receive shipments within two days. Plus, Amazon recently expanded its one-hour and two-hour delivery service from New York City to Baltimore, Md., and Miami, Fla. For $7.99, Amazon ships any product in stock in under an hour to Prime members. If they want to receive the item or items within two hours, shipping is free.

Dash 3In New York – where bike riders deliver packages to Prime members in less than an hour – many people say the service is “addictive”. If they need a last-minute birthday gift, for example, and don’t have time to go to the store or are busy at work, this would a perfect solution. If they run out of diapers and their child is sick, they can get the needed supplies quickly.

All these convenient ordering services offered by Amazon signal a huge spike in package deliveries to your community. Already, your office is overflowing with packages that sit there for days, and your staff is overwhelmed with their regular workload. Sorting packages and dealing with resident phone calls, wondering whether their package has been delivered yet, is just another task they don’t have time for. That’s where PackageLog comes in. The emails and text notifications alert residents that their delivery has arrived. Plus, its custom messaging features allow you to successfully communicate with residents about much more than a package’s arrival, a service that not only helps you retain your current residents but helps you attract many more new ones.

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