Having Fun Makes More Money

By: Shad Bookout

Fun 1Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day and employees everywhere will pause for a few minutes to celebrate a bit of fun and silliness with coworkers and friends. In some offices, even customers will get in on the action. However, there are still many offices that shy away from such fun-loving antics. These offices may be missing out on something important. Having fun at work is vital to your company’s success and if you look at the most notable brands in the U.S., making work fun for their employees is one thing they all have in common.

Having Fun Makes Better Employees

fun 2Google has the world’s most amazing cafeteria (free). Facebook has the employee wall (graffiti ). For Southwest employees, snarkiness is a favorite job perk. All of these companies are some of the most notable when ranking employee happiness, not only due to these wonderful benefits but because of the entire employee culture that they create.  Employee satisfaction is crucial to a company’s success and it is very easy to see the positive impact of happy employees. That does not always mean high dollar perks or state-of-the-art benefits. Taking the time to listen to your employees about their needs and providing an environment where they have the freedom of self-expression can go a long way to retaining great employees and inspiring new superstars who want to work with you. Not only does this help you save money on employee turnover and improved performance, but it also means your customers will spend more with you.

Having Fun Means Happier Customers

fun 3Customers are an amazingly intuitive bunch. They seem to be able to instinctively know when a company seeks more than just a profit. The companies that frequently appear on the lists of the most popular places to work also see huge gains in customer satisfaction and retention. This is not just a coincidence. When employees love their jobs, they have the ability to freely influence the choices of customers. Customers feel the positive energy and they are not only inspired to do business, but they are also often willing to pay more for the services or products you provide. We have all had that sales experience with a disengaged (almost surly) employee. Not only do you question the amount you are spending, but you question if you should have been spending money at all. You may even go out of your way to warn people about doing business there. But when the employee is happy and connected to you, your experience becomes remarkable and these questions and concerns are replaced with an anticipation of your return to that business again.

Logware Helps You Have More Fun

high fiveHaving fun at work is more than just a list of benefits. It is a mindset that begins at the top and is handed down to each and every manager and employee. It is supported by a series of tools that allow your teams to have freedom of expression and better opportunities to engage each other and employees. This includes your brand’s technology, team building and recreation, and the charity and mindfulness programs it participates in. Logware’s suite of technology solutions provides a platform to expand this company culture. PackageLog’s cloud-based package alert system allows for enhanced customized communication that can be used to inspire both customers and employees alike. TrackitLog’s asset tracking system allow you to be able to loan items to employees and customers, track where they are and their condition, and remind people when it is time for these items to be returned. The best part is that both systems are fun and easy to use, saving both time and resources. This means more time for your employees to focus on your customers’ happiness and more opportunities for your customers to have fun engaging with your brand.

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