Can You Believe You Can Ship That?

By: Christine Blank

There are some unbelievable items shipped through the U.S. mail every day – from cars to soccer balls to glitter. Yes, glitter. We are sure you have received a lot of unique packages at your community or business, but have you ever seen the following 10 weirdest items that can be shipped:

  1. wierd 1Mail friends, enemies, or anyone else, a simple potato with stamps and an address via Imagine the look on the recipient’s face when they receive a single potato with no return address!
  2. A car. As part of an Amazon and Nissan promotion last year, cars were shipped to three U.S. homes. One lucky Nissan Versa Note buyer received the car inside a humungous Amazon box on a flatbed delivery truck.
  3. When first started their business, they got so many orders, they had to shut down their web site temporarily. Now, Mailyourenemies glitter – which fills an unmarked envelope with glitter and mails it anonymously within 24 hours – is busier than ever.
  4. wierd 3A flip-flop. Yep, just a single flip-flip with the address written right on it and stamps attached can be mailed. This solves the universal problem of forgetting one of your shoes on vacation!
  5. A rock. You can ship a plain rock – or hand-paint a design or message on it – affix a stamp and mail it.
  6. Plastic Easter eggs. You can fill the eggs with candy or toys, attach stamps and send them to family and friends.
  7. A piñata. Wouldn’t that be a great invitation to the next Cinco de Mayo party at your community or business?
  8. wierd 2A tree trunk. Pat Moser mailed the trunk with a horseshoe embedded in it after a wind storm uprooted the 75-year-old tree. The 19-pound trunk cost around $30 to ship.
  9. A prosthetic arm. The arm was actually sent through the mail with simply a mailing label, according to Ripley’s Believe it or Not. We can imagine the looks on the faces of the staff at UPS when they sorted packages for delivery.
  10. Animal skulls. Surprisingly, you can ship the bones of a former animal, whether it is a deer, moose or any other creature.

With all these unusual – maybe even crazy – items that are shipped through the U.S. mail daily, the big question is, “How will your customer or resident know when it has arrived?” That’s where PackageLog comes in. The cloud based system sends custom email and text notifications when their packages arrive, taking the incredibly time-consuming task of sorting and distributing packages out of your already hectic schedule. This also frees up space in your mail room. After all, who wants to see a prosthetic arm or tree trunk laying around the office?

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