Are you married to…?

By: Shad Bookout

ChelseaTo celebrate the nuptials of our client services manager, Chelsea Seidman, we have created this week’s blog in her honor.

Throughout our time at our jobs, we all wind up becoming “married” in various ways. Often, we are at one community so long, that we become married to our job itself. Team members can be with us for a long enough period of time that they become as much a member of our family as our own spouses. Even customers, both new and old, can wind up being a focal point in the same way a loved one would be. It basically comes down to one question: are you married to…

Your Job

married 1In the modern world, we spend more time attached to our jobs than ever before. Most of us have chosen a career in multifamily housing because of the passion and the fulfillment those hours give us. Very few people ever say, “I want to work in multifamily when I grow up.”. However, once you are a member of our family and are married into our culture, you never want to leave.

That is not to say that there are not challenges, just like there are with any marriage. Long gone is the ability to have a 40-hour work week. On almost a daily basis, there is a balancing act to achieve what is best for our personal lives and, at the same time, find what will create our greatest success at work. When this is off-balance, we often begin to make excuses, both personally and professionally. We may begin to ignore issues that otherwise would be telltale signs of trouble ahead. We may even begin to put band-aids on situations, rather than fix them appropriately. When the marriage to your job is at its greatest, you are able to re-kindle the fires and the passions of your early days and are able to enjoy the marriage with your teams and your customers.

Your Team

married 2It is important for us to recognize that we often spend more time with our work family than with our personal ones. Our spouses often look at us like we are crazy, but we really do love our teams. Sometimes, though, we also get caught up in the daily drama of the team members that we have worked with for quite awhile. It almost becomes as if we are taking their challenges unto ourselves. But more often, we truly cherish and enjoy those whom we work around. In fact, that is one of the most amazing things about a career in multifamily. Where else can you have a job where you are truly excited to see your friends each and every day? We are all lucky to be married to our team members and to an industry that has helped us create long-lasting relationships with our companies and our customers.

Your Customers

married 3None of us would be here without the relationship we have with our customers. We spend countless hours – and huge portions of our budgets – attracting them to live at our communities and become part of our family. They come into the marriage with us, each with their own stories and unique backgrounds. They tell us all about their lives and all that they expect in return is a place that they look forward to coming home to every day. When we are able to create that environment for our customers, they stop being just apartment residents and start becoming part of our larger family.

Sure, we all have that one resident (you know exactly the one I am speaking of) who drives us absolutely crazy. But can’t our spouses do that as well? But, in the end, that one customer has the same needs, wants and desires that we all have. It is by being married to our customers that we have the ability to have better marriages with our jobs and our teams.

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