Celebrating The Traditions Of Your Multi-Family Community

cultureIt’s was just St. Patrick’s Day and there is no better day to celebrate the traditions that make you unique in your marketplace. Whether you are a new community or one that has been in existence for awhile, it is often the traditions that you celebrate that help your residents remember you and want to tell others about their lives there. These traditions do not have to just be about holidays. They are also about all the different facts of the lifestyle that your residents lead and that your property management team enjoys.

Traditions in Your Marketplace

traditions in your marketplaceFor most people, apartment communities tend to blend into the background. But those that create a notable presence are often the ones that are not only more noticed, but are also more successful. It is these notable items that create the first layer of marketplace traditions. One example is your partnership with other businesses that surround you. These are the places that your residents visit – or aspire to visit – and you are communicating their worth to your residents.

In addition, you should be partnering with the businesses that support your community. Everyone – from the maintenance supply companies to furniture providers to advertising sources – are able to provide sponsorships and work together with you to create the traditions that make your community memorable in your marketplace.

Traditions for Your Residents

traditions for your residentsThe most important amenity to an apartment resident is the lifestyle that they lead. One of the most important components of that lifestyle is the traditions they enjoy while living at your community. Some of these traditions may include just coming to visit you in the office and the unique ways in which you interact with them. Maybe the tradition they cherish most is the wonderful service that they receive from your maintenance team. Also, with the resident events that they attend, they are taking part in the most signficiant traditions: the ones that make them feel part of your apartment community. Gathering your residents together to participate in charitable functions – whether it is a walk to benefit a cause like ALS or picking up trash in your city – is also a long-lasting tradition.

Traditions as a Company

traditions as a companyAll of these traditions help you create memories. These memories help drive word-of-mouth and the buzz that your community experiences in the marketplace, resulting in more people who want to live at your community. What are the stories that are being told about you? When residents truly enjoy the experiences and traditions of your community, your online reviews and your strong word-of-mouth will provide the most important marketing tools your company will ever need. These are the traditions that your company will be known for. And these are the traditions that will help both you and your company make more money. They drive more traffic, they create more residents, they cause more renewals and they enable you to successfully ask residents to pay just a little more in rent. They are the traditions that are the most important.

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