Overcome Multifamily Fear on Friday the 13th

f13Welcome to yet another Friday the 13th. It is amazing that many people still hold superstitions of fear that revolve around this holiday. However, it does serve as a great opportunity to recognize some of the challenges that fear creates within the multifamily industry. No, we are not talking about fear of apartments; instead, we are talking about some of the fears that we have as team members of the multifamily industry – as well as the fears our residents have of us.

Fear of Rejection

All of us have some level of fear of rejection; it is just human nature. This is especially true within our own team. We spend more time with the people we work with than our actual families. To be able to fit in and be accepted by the “work family” makes our work life more fulfilling. However, many of us struggle with insecurities about being accepted by the people we work alongside. We also have fear from about our customers and prospects. What if they are not receptive to us and think others have a greater value? We all hope that our customers will like us (hopefully enough for us to get the lead). We also fear the rejection of opportunity. Sometimes these fears hold us back from promotions, additional job opportunities, and things that will get us noticed by co-workers and managers.

Fear of Failure

Everybody wants to succeed and, many times, that drive is so powerful that it also causes us to have a fear of failure. We spend so much time worrying about whether we may fail, that we often miss opportunities to have greater success and experiences. Because you were afraid that you would not get a lead, you may have missed an opportunity to create a meaningful connection with a customer who can help you gain more leases later on. Because you were afraid of your occupancy due to an increased number of move-outs, you may have missed a chance to address a challenging customer service issue that can help your community have greater success in the future. It is important to stop letting these fears control your day and focus on the opportunity that presents itself – sometimes in surprising ways.

Fear of Time

The clock is always ticking against us. We live in a high-speed, high-tech world that is requiring us to fit more in our days and to work more hours than ever before. We are so afraid that we will miss something that we respond to every little email ding or text chime. This fear of time is causing huge challenges in your daily productivity. Instead of fighting the fears that these time challenges create, find new ways to streamline your day, to remove unwarranted distractions, and to proceed with a more effective plan.

Residents Have Fears Too

If you think you have challenges with fears, imagine how your residents feel. They often are much more afraid than you are. They are dealing with the fears of moving into a brand new, unknown place. They often wonder if they made the right decision by moving there. They also spend a lot of nervous energy, concerned about whether they will fit in at their new community. Many of their fears can be addressed by you with more meaningful communication and personalized attention.

All of these fears can be addressed using creative methods. Take PackageLog, for example. PackageLog has the ability to help you communicate to residents and enable them to have happier, more carefree lives at your community. It also assists you and your team by saving time, adding value and creating new opportunities to make your team more successful. So, for residents and multifamily professionals, there is nothing to fear if you have PackageLog there to protect you. To learn more about PackageLog, click here.