Spring Is The Season For Borrowing

spring-is-the-season-for-borrowing-1 Spring is nearly here (March 20) and, as the ice and snow give way to flowers and butterflies, everyone seems to be emerging from the confines of their homes and offices to enjoy the thaw. As a result of the increased activity, more and more items will begin to disappear from offices and apartment community clubhouses. The cause of this is that people need things. Office workers need to borrow that file or a laptop to work from home. Maybe an event company has a variety of items on loan to a corporation in need. Even many apartment residents often need to borrow items – especially amenities – from their community office. These needs lead to your needs to make sure that your loaned items return.

TrackitLog Helps Offices

Susan was at the eleventh hour. It was 5:00 p.m. the day before her presentation in front of the investors and she was scrambling to complete the PowerPoint. Her department head, Anne, suggested she check out a laptop from the IT department. She quickly ran over before IT staff left for the night. They entered her information into TrackitLog and she received an email confirmation listing the laptop, its condition, and when it was due back. The next day she was able to provide an impressive presentation to a room full of happy investors.

 TrackitLog Helps Companies

Will was chipper and filled with a second cup of that morning’s coffee as he pulled the delivery truck into the service entrance of the resort. Today’s mission: pick up 200 lounge chairs and 100 umbrellas for refinishing and offload the same amount of temporary products. He swiftly set to his task while whistling the entire way. Once everything was unloaded and reloaded, he logged it into TrackitLog on his laptop. He noted everything that he laid out and entered the contact for the resort engineer. The email was sent and he was back on his way, knowing that everything had been accounted for and that he would be back in ten days to retrieve the loan and replace with fresh newly restored products.

TrackitLog Helps Apartmentsspring-is-the-season-for-borrowing-4

Linh was excited. She had finally saved up enough money for she and her daughter to move into a new apartment all their own. Today was moving day. She pulled into the leasing office to pick up the keys. The leasing agent was incredibly nice and asked how they were going to unload everything – especially all the big furniture. Linh said she had a friend helping and they would just carry everything in. The leasing agent told her that they could borrow dollies and carry straps from the office. Linh was floored. She was so thankful the she moved to such a nice community. They entered her loaned items into TrackitLog and she was on her way. As the end of the day neared and she carried in the last box, she received an email alert that the dolly was due back in the office. She dropped it off on her way to pick up wine and pizza to celebrate the new place.

spring-is-the-season-for-borrowing-2These stories are not unique. Every day, people loan and are loaned items with the assurance that they know where everything is and when it is due back. The custom email and text alerts allow for friendly communication in the method most successful for everyone. The next time you look around and wonder where your ___ went, just remember: TrackitLog would have known where it went.

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