For Your Customer, The Time Is Now

By: Shad Bookout

Once again, the majority of the U.S. is prepared to spring ahead and enter Daylight Savings time. The days are getting longer and your customers are out in the marketplace in force. As they visit your business – and your competitors’ businesses – they will have certain expectations about their customer experience. How much of that experience is memorable centers around your customers’ perception of time.

Time Is All About Perception

Every customer has their own unique perception of time. Every customer has their own unique perception of time.

Every customer has a unique perception of time. Many factors impact this, from how busy they are at the moment to the values and biases of their generation. Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zs all see time from a much different perspective. It seems the younger a customer is, the more rapid they insist their customer experience to be. This is to be expected, since they are truly a digital generation. Millennials do not know of life prior to the internet and Gen Z is often referred to as “Screenagers”, since they all have grown up with smart phones in their pockets. Baby Boomers and Gen Xers tend to be more patient and have the ability to sustain longer-term sales cycles and customer service. However, no matter what their generational stereotypes may be, people still hate to wait.

Customers Hate Waiting

PackageLog helps your customers to stop waiting. PackageLog helps your customers to stop waiting.

Much of the dreaded “wait time” stems from a customer’s need for more successful communication.  Most people – regardless of age – understand that there are some things you just have to wait for. As long as they are being communicated with in a friendly manner, they will be less inclined to become irritable about it. This often mean communicating to them in the way that they feel is most appropriate. Whereas the Boomer generation often prefers a face-to-face or verbal response, email and text are the preference of many Millennials and GenZs. The most important thing in any case is fast, meaningful, and successful messages, so the customer at least knows they are valued and that you are there to help them.

Fast Follow-Up is Key

The only time-frame that customer's truly understand is now. The only time-frame that customer’s truly understand is now.

Another great place this level of communication is important is with customer follow-up. There is always a need to measure the quality of your goods or services and timely follow-up to a customer is the best opportunity for this. Whether it is asking about their experience or providing a customer service perk, it is crucial that these messages are not only received in the method the customer prefers, they must be timely. If something is not to their liking, a longer wait period leading to a longer resolution will only cause an upset customer to become even more frustrated. The only relevant timeframe in great customer service is now.

PackageLog is proud to be able to help in all steps of the timely process of customer services when it comes to packages. Our system immediately sends a customizable notification to a package’s recipient when the parcel arrives to your office or mailroom. In addition, reminder messages and thank you messages are built to automatically communicate to a customer on your behalf. Also, as an added benefit, you can mass-message all your customers with a unique message that is not tied to a package but is designed for customer retention or announcements.  PackageLog understand customers’ need for timely communication and we are here to help you impress them with speed and personalization of your message to them.

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