Impact The World Around You

By: Shad Bookout

History books are filled with stories and profiles of people who created an impact on the world around them. Einstein left a lasting impact on the world of science just as Hawking continues to leave one today. Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as Mahatma Gandhi and many others, left legacies from their impact on society. Politicians and world leaders create an impact through policies and actions on a global scale. But even though these are all examples of the impact that one person can have, the biggest impacts often take a much smaller form.

Each and every day that you report to your job in the multi-family housing industry, you set the stage to make an impact. Sure, you are going to impact your community by leasing apartments. You will impact your family (and yourself) by the money that you are able to earn.  You may even impact co-workers and friends in many different ways. But these are all minor and not the center of the groundswell of importance that you bring to others every day.

First, you provide people with a home. That seems simple, but it is truly a big deal – often a bigger deal than you may realize.  Finding a home is one of the most stressful challenges people face and, for those who struggle to make enough money to survive, the task can sometimes even seem insurmountable. Your apartment community is more than just stacks of boxes in which people live. Within the space of your community, people will meet and fall in love, new families will be made and grown, children will be born and cared for, and grandparents will look into the eyes of their lineage and others will find solace in the space they call their own. You are not providing an apartment; you are providing a home.

But also, you impact your residents (past, present, and future) in some profound ways. You help people go through some of the most important milestones in their lives. They see you as an outreach of their world and share their lives with you. From the difficulties of a divorce or the passing of a loved one, to the joys of wedding bells, new babies, and new jobs, the people passing through your doors seek your counsel, your approval, and sometimes, your support.

And of course there is the resident who is in the leasing office EVERY day (you know the one; I can hear you rolling your eyes). That resident may be lonely or in such need for approval that they seek you out every day. That resident who calls every day to complain about the most irrelevant things may be seeking more than resolutions to imagined problems. They may be seeking a kind voice who is eager to assist. For others, simply receiving an email or a text that they have a package in the office can bring a spark of light to an otherwise gloom- and dread-filled day.

Each and every day, you impact the people around you in some spectacular ways. From apartment residents to co-workers to business partners to customers, the energy you bring, the words that you say and the presence you offer make the world a better place. Thank you for what it is that you do and thank you for the impact that you make every day.

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