It’s the Little Things That Matter

By: Shad Bookout


Mardi Gras was this past Tuesday and once again, the crowds gathered to enjoy celebrations in The Big Easy and beyond. However, even as large as these parties are, it is the small things that drive the crowds who attend. They are there for the beads, the doubloons and even…a little piece of king cake. In fact, it is often the small things that make the biggest impact. Do you know the little things that are important to your apartment residents?


Listening to Their Needs

Everyone wants to be heard. It is important that you are taking the time to listen (really, really listen) to what your apartment residents are saying to you. Sometimes these things are said quite subtly. It could be through the residents’ actions or even their lack of engagement with you. Even that annoying resident (you know the one) who is in your office EVERY day is not just there to distract from your productive day. Maybe that person is asking for you to be their most important amenity: someone who will listen to them. So, ask yourself a question: “Are you listening or are you waiting to speak?”

Sense of Community

Not only does everyone want someone to listen to them, but they also want to feel like they belong. One of the most important amenities that your community offers is the lifestyle of the residents who live there. Your competitors and you all share the same basic amenities, but no one has your specific location and the lifestyle that makes living at your community memorable. It is not just about the resident events. Make sure that you are taking the time to connect to your residents on a personal level and have them feel that they are not just a tenant; make them feel that they are part of the family.

Kids/ Pets Are Part of This Family

We often spend so much time focusing on the people who are listed on the lease that we forget about some of the other important residents who live in our communities. While kids are not the ones who are spending money on rent, they are a major influencing factor on whether the family is happy living there. The same goes for those residents who are covered in fur and have four legs. They are just as important members of this family as anyone else. Are you taking the time to learn about the small things that create happiness for your small residents?

Successful Communication

In order to engage everyone living at your community, you must be able to communicate to them effectively. The days of printed announcements laid at each door have long passed. We now live in a digital world, where everyone gets to choose their preferred method of communication. For many, email still rules the day. For others, text messages are more signficant. That is why PackageLog has created the ability for you (and your residents) to choose the best method of communication. Customized package notification can be sent to the resident by email or text when their package arrives to the office. In addition, the system allows you to mass message all of your residents using these same email and text connections. While it may seem like something small to you, these messages really are a big deal to your residents. They show that you are listening and lets them know that they (all of them) are part of the family.

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