PackageLog Helps Property Management Show The Love

Valentine Day is back and the celebrations are in effect. With love in the air, the time has never been better to set yourself apart and show your residents how much you care. Here are some tips you can use the show your residents how much you love them on Valentine’s Day and every day.

1)      Resident Event. Sure, the Valentine’ Day party for your residents has become cliché. It does not matter if you are hosting a breakfast or a couple’s night out, for most residents it is a “been there – done that” event. Try bringing the love with something new. Rally all the “at home” entrepreneurs (ie. Avon, Chloe+Isabel, Pampered Chef representatives) who live in your community and host a Valentine’s Day Gift Expo. Another great idea is to create an At Home Picnic for residents, where they can pick up dinner baskets prepared by the community team. You can even include a little gift and a card saying that you love having them living there.

2)      Charity. This is not only a great way to give back to the community, it is a great way to build togetherness within your community and build brand awareness in your marketplace. Create holiday care baskets for the local children’s hospital, senior center, or for soldiers / veterans. Ask area businesses to donate items and let your community meet in the clubhouse to assemble the baskets.  The love will be felt by both your residents and those you are helping.

3)      Special Amenities. Most likely, you offer many of the same amenities as your competitors. But when you provide something that is really unique, your residents (both current and future) really take notice. Try hosting a food truck rally or a cooking class. Create a resident’s garden, where those that live with you can pick fresh produce for their own use. Tower Gardens are a great tool for this. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is unique and memorable. Your residents will love you for it.

Once you have decided what to do, it is important to get your residents engaged with that event. The best tool for this is the mass messaging features that are a part of the PackageLog package notification system. Not only does it alert residents when their package has arrived, but it also give you the ability to send custom emails and text to your entire community at once. Your residents will be more informed and more engaged and will love the fact that you can also alert them when their packages have arrived to the community office.

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