And The Grammy For Craziest Resident Goes To…

By: Shad Bookout

The 57 Annual Grammy Awards are this Sunday and the world will pause for an evening to celebrate the best and brightest in music entertainment. The stylish red carpet filled with tuxes, gowns, and assorted other states of evening wear will lead into an awards show filled with musical acts that will discussed in offices across America for the following few days. But these are not the acts that cause a buzz in your apartment community office. Your residents often leave you wondering if they should receive the awards for Strangest Performance of All Time.

Lady Gaga – The red flags go up as these residents approach. The manager quickly locks themselves in the office. Leasing agents dive under their desks. All of a sudden maintenance techs have a work order they need to rush too. But it is too late. The strangest, most eccentric, resident you have has just walked in wearing plaid pants, a white tux jacket, and a pink boa. Yes, you are definitely going to need a drink after this.

Taylor Swift – Later that afternoon, your “happy” resident walks in. OMG! Happy does not begin to cover it. She wants to tell you (her new BFF) all about how she just broke up with her boyfriend, but it is okay because she really was hoping to be asked out by the new barista at the Starbuck and how … (that’s when you start day dreaming about what you will be doing after work. Oh wait she looks like she is about done talking.) You nod and then she briefly hops, snaps a selfie, and bounds out the door saying something about YOLO. Is there any wine hidden in the model?

Prince – During all of this, this assistant manager just posted a rent payment from one of your more reclusive residents. You moved them in a few months ago and have not seen them since. In fact, she has never even seen them. Nor has the manager, or the maintenance staff, or anyone else. She asks you about what they are like and, now that you think about it, you don’t recall ever seeing their face. Maybe they are an artist. You wonder if they have any wine.

Axle Rose – Just then, your maintenance manager walks in. You already know by the look on his face that this is not good. He enters the manager’s office and closes the door. Thirty seconds later, you hear the exclamation, “They did what?!”.  Everyone else rushes to the door to eavesdrop. All you can make out is something about a car, a wall, and a flock of birds inside an apartment. Maybe something stronger than wine is in order.

Justin Beiber – As your maintenance manager heads back out outside, the phone rings. Ms. Smith is calling once again to complain about the residents in apartment 301. Apparently they threw a party last night – again – and she has had enough. It has gotten so bad (according to her) that she wants to move to a different apartment on site. You grab the residents’ file (which looks more like an encyclopedia) to see the history of the neighbors in question. Five minutes later, everyone in the office (including your entire maintenance team) has gathered around your desk in astonishment, reading the history of this questionable individual. 

The manager quietly places a note on the door that the office has closed early. Everyone slowly gathers their things and walk out as the manager announces, “The first round of shots is on me.”

Even though all of these people are strange and unique, they all do have one thing in common. They – just like every other resident – love to receive packages. PackageLog can help you send custom text and email notifications each time a package arrives for a resident. Your residents are already driving you crazy. Package management does not need to drive you crazy too.

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