Help Your Apartment Team Score Big For the Super Bowl

By: Shad Bookout

It is that time of year again. The air is filled with the smells of beer, wings, and hot dogs. People are gathering around the TV and discussing which commercial will be the best. Football fans are ablaze with their jerseys, banners, and party décor. Everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for the first touchdown. But your apartment community failed to score a touchdown because you are not hosting a viewing party for your residents.

Let’s face it: the most important thing for the vast majority of your apartment residents is lifestyle. It is the lifestyle of living there that differentiates you from your competitors. Sure, you may have one or two unique amenities or the price may be just a touch lower that the community down the road, but people will always prefer to live where they are happiest. This means apartment community teams need to invest time and energy in providing residents the most memorable environment.

To accomplish this, resident parties are one of the most impactful things you can do to build a sense of community within the boundaries of your multi-family space. The Super Bowl is just one of the many reasons you can use to engage your resident base. But there are tons of other events that you can use as a unique opportunity to host an event for your customers. The Oscars, Groundhog Day, Mardi Gras, March Madness, and even the First Day of Spring are all great reason to throw a party. Sure the competitors will throw the same old boring Valentine’s Day celebration or St. Patty’s Day gathering.  But it is the unique celebrations that will be remembered.

Of course, the biggest challenge remains getting the word out successfully to make sure that all of your residents know to come to the clubhouse when the party starts. The days of placing flyer on every door in your community have long passed. The method is not practical, successful, or environmentally sound.   And, it takes way too long to call or individually email all of your residents.  Plus, you want more than just a one-time only announcement about the party.  But, no worries: you have PackageLog.

Sure, you know that PackageLog will send text and email notifications to residents about the arrival of their packages. In addition, since you have all of these contact points on file, the system allows you to send system-wide messages to everyone you have as an active resident.  Also the customer footer messages attached to each email allow you to end a series of reminders each time a package notification goes out. And, since these messages can be customized just like all the others in the PackageLog system, you can ensure that they match the personality of you community and your party theme.

So, start inspiring more residents to attend your community functions. In fact, invite all of their friends too. That ways they can see that your community not only offers the best lifestyle, but also that you care enough to make sure that every resident has the best opportunity to participate. All thanks to PackageLog. To learn more about the PackageLog notification system and to receive a Free Trial, click here.