High Tech Solution for Common Apartment Community Desires

By: Gustavo Ortiz

Tracking Keys taken to the next level. Tracking Keys taken to the next level.

Loan anything to residents with the confidence that they will return it.1.  “Great! Another day and another supplier disappearing with the keys.,” Lisa, a leasing agent, fumed. She was fed up. It seemed like nearly every day, keys were disappearing for vacant apartments and the suppliers were not the only ones to blame. Often, it was residents getting locked out of their apartment or staff misplacing the keys to the model. But this time, it was the carpet installers. Sure, they had a key tracking system but it just was not enough.

Loan anything to residents with the confidence that they will return it.

2. It was time for something new. There were too many new communities sprouting up around The Brookside and the entire leasing team was trying to find a way to help their 15-year-old community stand out in the crowd. Kevin, the community’s assistant manager, had the best idea of that day’s brainstorming session. “What if we provided dollies, tools, and support for each move-in, to help residents with the hardest day of apartment life – un-loading and un-packing?” he asked. Still, he wondered aloud, “How do we make sure we get all these things back?”

Track the whereabouts of anything and everything.Track the whereabouts of anything and everything.

3. The decision to make half of the apartment community furnished was not an easy one. The initial investment was hard for ownership to swallow. But they were all convinced that this offering would change their footprint in the market place. Now they could offer something that no other local community could offer. It was a marketing plan focused on the relocating executives that were flocking to the city. Still, the question remained, “How do we track furniture items as they move from apartment to apartment, are broken / replaced, and ensure we keep the highest quality offerings?”

In each of these scenarios, TrackitLog was able to provide a high-tech, easy-to-use platform to solve the needs of the apartment community.

TrackitLog makes your office and your residents happier. TrackitLog makes your office and your residents happier.

In the first case, tracking keys was taken to the next level . Text and email alert were sent to the people the keys were loaned to. Messages such as ,“Keys due back in 30 minutes”, would serve as a reminder that suppliers and staff needed to return the keys before it was too late for the leasing office to determine how to get them back.  In Case #2, these same alerts could go to residents that were borrowing items. And it was not just these types of items. Many communities utilize the ability to loan anything from electronics to tools to parking spots, to improve their residents’ lifestyle.

Even the tracking of capital items, such as furniture, such as example #3, was a cinch with TrackitLog. The location, condition and history of each and every item was available at the fingertips of property management.

You too can have all these opportunities at your apartment community. The cost is friendly to your budget and the results for your team and your residents are amazing. Learn more and take advantage of our free trial. Click here to get started.