It Is Time To Invest More In Your Relationship Capital

By: Shad Bookout

Let’s face it. We work in a “people” business. Whether those people are coworkers, customers, or prospects, most of us deal with people as one of the main functions of our business. We may spend money on business growth, operational support, marketing / advertising and other key components of the business. But very little money (beyond normal salaries) is spent on the people portion of it. So, if people are so important, why do they get such a limited focus? Maybe it is time that you invest in some Relationship Capital.

Relationship Capital and Coworkers

Photo by Joseph Rafferty

Photo by Joseph Rafferty

Your day is crazy enough without coworkers adding a different level of insanity to it. Whether you have the team members that are always late, always chatty, always grumpy, or maybe just a little off their hinges, it is important to maximize your in-office relationships. Sure…they are nuts. But so are you! Take the time to learn a little about them and build some comradery. Don’t be a distraction to them. Hopefully, you can create an environment where you can help them not be a distraction to you. Remember, you can do everything right but still be wrong if you have not spent the time and effort to build on your internal relationships.

Relationship Capital and Customers

If you thought your coworkers were nuts, some customers take the meaning of the word to a whole new level. On some days, it seems like business is the last thing on their minds. But listening is part of what you have to in order to succeed in a customer-centric world. If you are open, present and connected to your customer, they (in most cases) will be engaged with you. Don’t be distracted by what is next and the notion that they are annoying to you. Be thankful that they think highly enough of you to interact with you in the first place. Most people want to be listened to and, if your customer feels that you are actively listening to them, then they will also invest in a relationship with you (and your business).


Technology is Relationship Currency

The fast-paced world at our fingertips is both an asset and a hindrance when it comes to relationships. The never-ending world or text alerts, email dings and checking to see the top trends on Twitter have created a barrage of non-stop distractions that assault each and every one of us on a near non-stop basis. However, these same distractions can be used as currency to help you grow your Relationship Capital. Social Media, SMS and other tools enable to you to learn more and connect more frequently – as well as more effectively – with others.    By investing the time to interact with your coworkers and/or customers in a meaningful way using these tools, you can create an environment where you are more than just a coworker, a salesperson, a manager and a professional. You become someone who is trusted. That trust has the highest ROI when investing in Relationship Capital.

Other Relationship Investment Tools

PackageLog is just one more tool available to you when investing in Relationship Capital. Its cloud-based platform allow you to send live-time, custom email and text notification of a package’s arrival to the office. This tool is great for mail rooms serving multiple offices / departments, multi-family communities serving their residents, or even businesses that receive high volumes of deliveries that want to minimize the distractions and time burdens of package management. There are countless ways that PackageLog can help you or your business become more effective when investing in Relationship Capital. Click here to discover more about the benefits of PackageLog and even receive a free trial.