Package Notification: A Wonder of the Modern World

By: Shad Bookout

Tourists travel the earth every year in a quest to view the wonders of the ancient world before they disappear. Whether it is the great pyramids of the Giza Plateau or the Moai Statues of Easter Island, thousands will marvel at their wonders. Almost always, the first question is “How did they do that?” Even with modern feats of engineering, such as The London Eye, One World Trade Center, The Eiffel Tower, and even the Golden Gate Bridge, people are stunned by the sheer scale of what it takes to create these marvels.

But there is another amazing feat that we often take for granted. It is so magical and so mystical, that we have begun to just accept its existence without a second thought. But millions of people and businesses are reliant on this daily miracle. No one will ever visit it with the whimsy of an inquisitive tourist. No one will ever write ballads to the wonders of it creation. So how could something so important to the fabric of our society go nearly unappreciated? For it is a true marvel that today, you can simply click a button on your phone or tablet and a package shows up for you in just a couple of days.

Amazon's army packages and sorts thousands of items per day. / Scott Sady / File / Associated Press

Amazon’s army packages and sorts thousands of items per day. / Scott Sady / File / Associated Press

When Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994, he had a vision that has far been surpassed. In less than 20 years, he took a small business in his garage to a global empire that last year shipped approximately 26 million packages per day. And it is all done with extremely high customer satisfaction ratings. Amazon fulfillment and distribution centers are a marvel of engineering with an average of 300 employees each. With this staff, along with an endless amount of automated systems, they can ship the astonishing volume of parcels daily. Once you click that button, a maze of robots, computers, people, boxes, and others go into a synchronized dance, which ensures that your delivery makes it to its destination on time. When you factor in the challenges and the sheer scale of this operation, it truly is one of the marvels of our modern world.

But what happens once your package reaches its destination? For single-family homes, this often means arriving home to a new package sitting by your front door. But if you are in an apartment, things may be a little more complicated. To ensure your packages’ security, most apartment communities opt to have your packages delivered to the management office. They are safely locked away until you pick them up. The best apartment communities then use PackageLog to send you an email and text notification that you packages have arrived. This allows you to know when your delivery is ready to be picked up and prevents you from having to repeatedly call the office, wondering if your stuff has arrived. PackageLog even sends an additional pick-up verification, so that you can confirm it was you (or someone you gave permission to) who picked up your delivery.

For lucky apartment residents, two technological wonders are part of their world on a regular basis: 1. the feat of logistics that is the delivery of a package and 2. the amazing notifications of its arrival, both working hand-in-hand to make sure that your get what you ordered when you want it. If your apartment community does not send you these notifications, ask why they are not using PackageLog yet. Here is the information that you need to send them: Click Here!