Your Old Apartment Becomes New Again in 2015

by: Chelsea Seidman

Welcome to the New Year. As you look around your established apartment community, are you asking yourself the same questions as in 2014? How are you going to compete with the newly-constructed apartments popping up in your area? Maybe your apartments are a little dated or need some love in the New Year. But looks are not everything. So, to defeat your young upstart competitors, you just need to use the tools available to you in 2015.



Technology is on your side. And this technology allows you to provide wonderful amenities that your residents will prefer over the larger fitness center, infinity pool, or movie room. One example is the ability to loan a residents anything they need. That is right: ANYTHING! From dollies to help them at move-in to electronics that entertain them long into their residency, an apartment community can become an integral part of everyday life for its residents.  You can be more than just a pretty apartment. You can be as close to them as any of their own family members.

Of course, you may be worried about these items disappearing or being returned a little worse for wear. That is where the technology of TrackitLog comes into play. It allows you to track each item(s) that is loaned to a resident. It will then send them email alerts when the items are due back to the office. In addition, you can track condition, history, and other pertinent information about the items your residents are borrowing. Imagine the power to tell your residents that you can help with any and all of their needs. 

Of course, residents desire more than to just borrow things. In the new, faced-paced world of instant gratification, they want instant access to the things that they want. That is why they continuously call your office wanting to see if their packages from Amazon and other deliveries have arrived yet. Using PackageLog, you can send them email and text alerts when those packages arrive. They stop calling because they have the knowledge that you are taking care of them.

And that is really what the secret is. People want to live where they will be happy. The apartment communities that can transcend the common impressions and provide their residents with an amazing customer experience that really makes them feel at home will always win in the end. Your outside may not be new, but you have embraced a new way of thinking. Welcome to 2015 – the year you become the new apartment community that everyone wants to live in!

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