Black Friday; Cyber Monday Make Leasing Agents See Red

By: Shad Bookout

That time of year is here again. It is holiday gift-giving season and online shopping is at an all-time high. Soon—if it hasn’t already—your office will start to flood with deliveries and packages for your residents. They may already be calling you, searching for the delivery status of their most recent orders. As the days go on and the holidays get closer, the mountain of packages grows and so does your stress level. The time has come to halt the holiday hassle and once again take control of your package predicament.

Black Friday Begins Earlier Than Ever

The online shopping season started earlier than ever this year with many sites offering amazing deals as early as last Monday. Also, Amazon Prime brought back its 30-day free trial, which includes free 2-day shipping on many items. Then all of a sudden, Thanksgiving was here.  For the second year in a row, many stores opened Thursday afternoon, rather than providing the traditional early Friday morning doorbuster specials.  But it was still online shopping that ruled the week.

In fact, the online deals caused a huge decline (as much a 5%) in store traffic on Black Friday according to CNBC.  There was a signficiant 20% hike in online shopping on Black Friday as people avoided the stores and turned to the internet to find the best deals. That spells an increase of over 2 million packages hitting the streets for delivery this week.

Cyber Monday Become Cyber Week

Now we have arrived to Cyber Monday, which is considered to be the best online shopping day of the year. This year, Monday is but a kick-off to an entire week of online deals equaling $150 million per hour during peak hours. ABC News reports that the average shopper spends $468 on Cyber Monday, compared with $309 on Black Friday. When you combine today’s sales – along with the rest of this week –  as well as Friday’s impressive numbers, you begin to understand why delivery companies have added thousands of seasonal employees to help keep up with the delivery demand.

The flood of resident packages arriving to apartment community offices is placing a burden on an already-strained schedules for property management teams. In addition, the increase in phone calls from residents asking about the whereabouts of their deliveries, creates an additional burden on time. The solution of packages lockers that have been in the industry news lately only solve a small portion of the problem. These lockers take up a lot of space and, when space runs out inside the lockers, leasing teams are still stuck with piles of parcels they must find room for.  Plus, the one-time-only, generic, notifications that some systems create does little to inspire residents to retrieve the things that belong to them. Now, leasing teams must spend even more time and hassle dealing with the package conundrum.

The Future of Packages Arriving to Your Office

But there is a better solution. PackageLog creates a seamless system of automatic notification that inspires residents to timely retrieve their packages. These customizable text and email messages end the pre-emptive calls from residents. Residents are also continuously reminded to pick up their packages until they actually take action. The time dealing with individual packages goes from minutes to seconds. Time is freed up, space if freed up, and both residents as well as leasing staffs are happier. The best part is that PackageLog is significantly less pricey than locker systems. When you combine all these advantages with the ability to send resident retention-oriented mass communication from the same package notification database, then it becomes clear that PackageLog is the solution to keep your staff from seeing red when dealing with packages this holiday season.

To learn more about how PackageLog can help you, your apartment community and your residents, click here. We will even give it to you for free through the holidays. What are you waiting for? Get PackageLog today! Click here to get started.