Thanksgiving Behind the Scenes with US Postal Solutions and PackageLog

by: Shad Bookout

Happy Thanksgiving from PackageLog Happy Thanksgiving from PackageLog

Thanksgiving is a special time to share with family and friends, celebrating our traditions and building new ones – as well as creating lasting memories. It is more than just an annual feast commemorating the pilgrims and Native Americans. It is more than post-turkey football. It is more than preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. It is about togetherness. I recently had the great privilege of interviewing the staff at US Postal Solution and PackageLog to learn about their views on this joyous holiday. Let’s pull the curtain back and discover how this group of energetic entrepreneurs celebrates Thanksgiving.

Craig Meddin

CEO - Craig Meddin CEO – Craig Meddin

Cranberry sauce is what Thanksgiving meals should all be about. Not that stuff from a can (even though my father swears by the stuff). I look forward every year to those tasty little bits of heaven from real cranberries with bits of walnut and sometimes even mandarin oranges. For the past few years, there have not been any solid Thanksgiving traditions other than travel. But as a new dad, I am excited for the traditions of the future and the sparkle in my son’s eyes when he delights in real cranberry sauce.

Scott Pope

Scott Pope - Director of Operations Scott Pope – Director of Operations

Our family almost always gathers at my home and my wife Zina is the head cook. Everyone brings a dish and most are famed recipes perfected over the years. My favorites are my mother’s “Buck’s Beans” and “Bar-B Cups,” as well as my wife’s turkey and her “Cranberry Dessert Casserole” (seriously to die for). Over the years, I have noticed that we end up with as many dessert dishes as we do all other food combined (I’m good with that). Outside of food, the topic of conversation always turns to the military service of our two sons and one daughter. The photos always come out, especially via Apple TV, so we all can share in the memories and stories. Eventually, this gives way to football and naps (another one of my favorite traditions).

Chelsea Seidman

Chelsea Seidman - Director of Client Services Chelsea Seidman – Director of Client Services

My family traditions today are pretty much the same as the ones I had growing up. I am always excited to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and then the National Dog Show. For dinner, Grandma always provides the most amazing Noodle Kugel (a sweet tasting egg noodle casserole) as part of our traditional Thanksgiving meal. After dinner – fully stuffed – we spend the evening with craft beers and napping on the couch.

Gustavo Ortiz

Gustavo Ortiz - Software Operations Director Gustavo Ortiz – Software Operations Director

For us, Thanksgiving is all about family. Because this is a day of togetherness, we try to stay off the digital devices and enjoy each other’s company (but the younger ones are determined to make this tougher every year). Everyone has to make something as part of the feast. My daughter has made our turkey for the past five years and I am sure, one day, people will write great works of poetry dedicated this phenomenal bird. Songs have already been written about my wife’s stellar pumpkin pie and I have heard a rumor that Ron Howard is writing a movie based on it. After dinner, we love sitting around the backyard fire pit, sharing stories and drinking hot chocolate.

One thing that every member of our team can agree on is that Thanksgiving is the quiet before the storm. Office and mail rooms across the country are about to be flooded with boxes from the holiday shopping season. This mean hours upon hours of sorting and stacking as you await the parcel’s owner to eventually retrieve it. However, there is a better way. PackageLog’s package notification solution send an email or text to the intended party announcing the package’s arrival and keeps reminding them until they pick it up.  These custom messages inspire your customers, coworkers, apartment residents, or whoever you are receiving packages from to come get their stuff. This saves you time, saves you space, and helps you avoid the holiday hassle that package deliveries can create. To learn more about how PackageLog can help you this holiday season and to receive a free trail click here.

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