Package Management System Delivers a Little Furry Love

By: Shad Bookout

Lela was a good dog. A very good dog. She loved living on the second floor of her owner’s apartment building. While Lela’s owner, Bruce, was at work she spent her days watching the squirrels out the window (those funny little squirrels).  But every day, as the sun was going down, she would always see the red Jeep she loved to go for rides in. Bruce was home! He always had treats. As she watched him getting out of the Jeep, she saw he had one of those terrific small boxes with him.

Bruce’s favorite thing each day was coming home to his dog – Lela. This day he was especially excited. While he was at work, he received a text notification that his monthly surprise for Lela had been delivered to the office. He was a subscriber to BarkBox and always loved the reaction that the monthly surprise boxes gave to Lela. She almost seemed to know before he walked into the door that she had a surprise coming. It is surely a great thing that his apartment community sent him a text and email alert anytime a package arrived for him.

A few days later, on a Saturday, Bruce and Lela were playing tug-of-war in the living room when he heard his text chime. It was a message from his apartment community, inviting Lela and all of her canine friends to the grand opening of a brand new dog park that was opening at his apartment community. When they arrived to the event, he saw Bonnie and her Pug – Mucho. Bruce said hello and asked her how she knew about this event. Bonnie showed him the same text he had received. Packages and event notification too! Both humans and dogs are sure glad they live at this apartment community.

This story and others just like it play out every day in apartment communities across the US. Gone are the days of residents calling to see if their packages have been delivered. Gone are the days of printed announcement flyers taped to apartment doors.  Communities are providing great customer service while saving their staff time and money, thanks to PackageLog. Learn how you and your residents can benefit from our Package Notification System. Click here.

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