The Scary Creatures Of Your Apartment Community

By: Shad Bookout

It is Halloween once again: A time for trick or treats, costume parties, and spooky decorations. Also, it is a great time to take a moment and examine some of the creepy creatures that may inhabit your apartment community. So grab your pitchforks and torches as we step into the mist and face your worst nightmares.

The Vampire

There they are again, “That Resident!” You run, you try to hide, but it is no use. They have already seen you. Here comes your resident vampire. They suck the energy right out of you. They come in, help themselves to coffee or whatever treat you have lying out, and take the liberty of sitting down at your desk. And then they begin to talk. Twenty minutes later, you are wondering if they have even taken a breath yet. Every time you try to break away, they deflect and start up again. You can feel the energy just draining from your day. Too bad garlic won’t keep this breed of resident at bay.

The Werewolf

You come in and begin to read the courtesy officer’s report from the previous night. You see the same name that you have seen time and time again. It seems your community werewolf has been up all night and once again, you are hearing the complaints from other residents. Other than the nighttime noise, they are a perfect resident. They always pay their rent on time. They show up for all the resident functions and even help out every time there is community charity event. They have even referred friends to live at your community. But the noise, oh the noise, noise, noise! Maybe it is just the wrong mix of neighbors. Maybe it is a crying baby (not much can be done about that). In any case, a silver bullet won’t fix this type of resident. 

The Monster

You hear their roar before they even make it through the door. They burst in! Their face is red with rage. You can’t run. You must face the beast. Ten minutes into their tirade, you begin to wonder if Dr. Frankenstein himself would marvel at this creation. Finally, the barrage settles and you being doing what you can to calm the fierce creature that has entered the leasing office. Once they are appeased, it seems as though there is a completely different person standing in front of you. This truly is a case of Jekyll and Hyde.

The Delivery Person

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a leasing agent more than, in the middle of a busy day, a delivery person showing up with two carts overflowing with packages for residents. Is it your imagination or are there more packages than ever before? No, in fact you are not hallucinating. This year, there has been a surge in packages by more than 13 percent, compared to 2013. And next year, expect another 13 to 15 percent increase. The more your residents order, the more time it costs you. Between the numerous phone calls – wondering if their delivery has arrived yet – the logging in and logging out of the package in the binder, and the space it takes up in the back, you would rather run into a ghoulish beast than deal with pain in the butt packages.

Good thing there is PackageLog. We make all of your package nightmares go away. No more resident calls. No more fearing the delivery person. No more killing your time. And the best part is, we are not going to scare your budget. To learn more about this inexpensive way to chase away the package monsters, click this link.   

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