What Is The True Value That You Offer?

By: Craig Meddin

This week is the annual Strategic Planning Retreat for our Postal Solutions and PackageLog teams. During these meetings, we will discuss many of the things that have helped drive our amazing growth over the past few years. As part of this, each day we will share one of the “core values” that helps focus our goals and inspires us to provide excellent service with our outstanding customer service-oriented brands.

Core Value 4: Value

Everyone loves a great deal. I have never met anyone who just prefers to pay more. But cost is not the only determining factors of whether something is a “value” or not. However, that is the factor that most of our customers lean on us about. It falls to our sales teams to manage the expectation and create a world where price is not what they are focused on.

People will actually pay more for the items that they perceive to be a great value. If you offer an added convenience, an added benefit to their lifestyle, or even something really cool and inventive, people will pay more. If you create a memorable customer experience, people will pay more. Plus, if you provide amazing customer service, people will pay more. If you do all these things, your prices could go up, your customer could earn less, and they will still pay you more. Because they see your value and they like it – a lot!

This level of connection is the very fiber of PackageLog. With the added convenience of receiving a text or email when their package has arrived, as well as the ability to customize the notifications to complement the lifestyle of your customers, we help you add value to your brand. It works on any device connected to the internet, including all mobile technology, and will add value to you team members.  The customer service that we offer at PackageLog enables you add value to everyone. And better still, we offer a value by making sure it easily fits into your budget.

PackageLog is all about value: value to your customer, value to your team, and value to your budget. We will even give you a two-week free trial as a bonus value. All you have to do to start is click this link.

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