Innovation Is The Key To Your Business Success

by: Craig Meddin

This week is the annual Strategic Planning Retreat for our Postal Solutions and PackageLog teams. During these meetings, we will discuss many of the things that have helped drive our amazing growth over the past few years. As part of this, each day we will share one of the “core values” that helps focus our goals and inspires us to provide excellent service with our outstanding customer service-oriented brands.

Core Value 5: Innovation

Apartment communities across the nation are still logging packages into a three-ring binder when the delivery person arrives. Delivery companies are still putting sticky notes on doors when the apartment community office does not accept packages. Leasing agents still stuff mailboxes with notices and drop flyers at doors. These are the same processes that have been around for 40 years. It seems kind of outdated to us.

What people really want is cool technology. You only have to look as far as your pocket to see how meaningful innovative technology is to all of us. Most of us carry a small computer with us that has more power than the house-sized ones used to help put a man on the moon. And, as soon as a new comes out, we race to the stores to get it. Almost everyone loves innovation and technology.

At PackageLog, we put innovative technology into an easy-to-use format so that anyone can not only use it, they will love using it. If your customer wants to be notified by email, our system sends a custom email designed to inspire it being read. Many people prefer text alerts, so you can choose that method to let your resident know their deliveries have arrived. And maybe you just want to send a message to everyone. Our innovative system can do that too. And when you go to use it, you can use whatever device you prefer. Yes! That is right. If it connects to the internet, PackageLog will work on that device.

And here is something really innovative: our average customer spends under $150 per month to be able to email, text, send reminders, send messages, log in, deliver out, and track the history of every package that comes into your office. Stop using archaic methods and start letting innovation be your tool. Click this link and learn more about your future.

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