Are You Engaged With Your Customer

By: Craig Meddin

This week is the annual Strategic Planning Retreat for our Postal Solutions and PackageLog teams. During these meetings, we will discuss many of the things that have helped drive our amazing growth over the past few years. As part of this, each day we will share one of the “core values” that helps focus our goals and inspires us to provide excellent service with our outstanding customer service-oriented brands.

Core Value 1: ENGAGEMENT

How engaged are you with your customer(s)? Are you inspiring them? Are you more than just the product you offer?  All too often, businesses get caught up in their daily operations and management. Whether it is dealing with a customer’s need (or an employee’s), maintaining the budget, or simply keeping caught up with email, the focus on customer engagement often takes a back seat. But shouldn’t maintaining a great rapport with the people who create your livelihood be of up-most importance?

The brands that keep their customers engaged will not only make more money today, but they will also continue to do so – even in time of economic upheaval.  Forbes recently reported that 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. To understand the needs and wants of your customer, you have to do more than ask. You have to connect to them through meaningful dialogue. This enables them to feel that they are part of the process and that you are invested in their individual needs. It is also imperative that you speak to them via the means that they desire. In the new digital age, that means making the most of the digital formats that are available to you.

It is important to our team that we are consistently engaged with our customers and that we are always evolving our products and brands to meet their ever-changing needs.  We have developed our PackageLog product to help you do the same. The customizable auto messaging features allows you to provide a call to action that inspires your customer to interact with you. Also, the “message all” feature allows you to quickly email and text all of your customers at once. This real-time communication lets you get your message to their digital device quickly and makes them want to open and engage with the communication you send them.

To learn more about how our teams can help your business better engage with its customers, click this link.

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