Will it Ship?

By: Gustavo Ortiz

“Will it ship?” How many times has that phrase been uttered at the desks of UPS stores, FedEx centers and USPS offices all over the country? People are wondering how they can ship the odd – or strangely shaped – gift they want to send. Or, they are wondering if they can order extremely large or unusual items and have them shipped through the mail.

Whatever the item in question is, it can be shipped. Even cars – ordered from eBay, Amazon, and other web sites – are shipped across this country daily. Amazon even once delivered a Nissan Versa Note, inside a humungous box on the back of a flatbed trailer, as part of a Nissan promotion. The winner of the promotion received the delivery right at his front door.

Did you know that, if you would like to ship a volley ball, you simply place a mailing label on the outside of the ball? No pesky packaging materials and boxes here! The USPS also views a coconut as a self-contained unit, so it can be shipped without any additional packaging required. Other surprising items that can be shipped without a box include flip flops, a sombrero, a lime, a brick, and a rose in a bottle.

Everything from food to toilet paper to pharmaceuticals is being mailed these days. Grocery delivery is expanding rapidly in many cities, from services like AmazonFresh and Walmart to Go. In fact, online grocery delivery is expected to become a $9.5 million business by 2017, according to IBISWorld.

In addition, delivery of all types of packages is expected to increase as more goods become available online and delivery becomes more convenient. For example, UPS recently said that U.S. consumers can opt to have their packages delivered to local businesses, including pharmacies, grocery stores, laundromats and convenience stores in their neighborhood. The “Access Points” program is targeted at city dwellers, since UPS is able to deliver the vast majority of packages on the first attempt. This could encourage many more Americans to up their online ordering.

With all the items that can be shipped – and are being shipped every day in the U.S. – your apartment community needs to be ready. You are on the front lines of the package onslaught that is already occurring – and that will continue to grow at a rapid pace. Holiday e-commerce sales alone are expected to increase between 8 percent and 11 percent this year to $105 billion, according to Shop.org, the online division of the National Retail Federation.

All of these packages spell disaster for your time management. Between the revolving door of delivery people and the constant nagging from residents -“Where my Package?”- You need to find a way to keep your head above water. PackageLog will help and even help retain your residents at the same time. Our cloud based system gets rid of the notebook. It gets rid of the resident calls. It even magically creates more space in your office package storage area. All of this and it even works on smartphones and tablets. You spend enough time wondering what bizarre thing your resident ordered this time. Stop wondering how long it will take them to pick it up. To learn more and to try PackageLog for free, click here.

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