What We Learned at the 2014 NAA Education Conference and Exposition

As the dust settles from the 2014 NAA Education Conference and Expo, we are reflecting on all of the amazing moments that occurred during our time in Denver. From start to finish, this was an epic conference. A record number of attendees covered the halls of the Colorado Convention Center. Scrambling from educational seminars, to the expo floor, to the various events held throughout, each and every attendee left with something amazing.

Here are the top things that the PackageLog team learned during the NAA Education Conference and Expo:

1)      The multi-family profession is a $1.1 trillion industry.

2)      When you visit Denver, bring some walking shoes!

This place is huge. Denver provided us a convention center as big as the Rocky Mountains themselves. We should have thought beforehand to use a RunKeeper App to see just how many miles were walked during the conference.

3)      The Denver Pedi-Cab drivers are a little off their rocker. If you skip the walking shoes and opt for a ride with these characters, you are in for a surreal experience.

4)      Multi-family professionals love game shows!

As the official kick-off to the conference, we attended a party like non-other. From the wacky questions to the even more bizarre answers, the Multi-Family Feud set the tone for the fun and excitement of Denver. We wonder if Pete Regules sleeps in blinkie pajamas.

5)      “If you focus on the worst case scenario, and it happens, you have lived it twice.” – Michael J. Fox

An inspirational speech from Michael J. Fox to open the conference was highlighted with this meaningful quote. We all need to spend our time and energy driving toward positive outcomes. If we hit a bump in the road to success, brush it aside, and never let it slow down your path toward victory.

6)      When you see a Big Blue Bear in Denver, it is time to celebrate.

We do not know how it was possible, but the Big Blue Bear was everywhere during this show. I think that in some cultures, it is a sign of good luck to see a blue bear. It definitely was a sign of great things to come for us!

7)      When it comes to great outdoor parties, no one does it like Denver.

The Opening Party for the NAA Conference was a great ending to the first full day of the show. Fantastic food and entertainment filled our stomachs and minds as our group was watched over by two of strangest statues you could even discover.

8)      “If you say it will happen; it WILL happen.” Barbara Corcoran

The Queen of the Shark Tank amazed us with her words. Her strong beliefs inspired all of the entrepreneurs, executives, and sales professionals in the room. Her attitude of ‘Fake it till you make it’ and ‘Never surrender’ hold true to all of the business endeavors of our entire industry.

9)      Tech makes residents happy

The Learning Zone session led by Gustavo Ortiz and Chelsea Seidman was phenomenal. They really highlighted the need to have tech offerings engaging your residents at all levels.  In our fast-paced world, it is the apartment communities that successfully engage with, and effectively communicate to, their residents that have the longest-term success.

10)   Property management teams really hate packages!

As the scores of people lined up to learn about PackageLog, this truth became more evident than ever before. We heard countless stories of how much time and effort was being taken up by leasing teams dealing with endless deliveries for their residents.  It shows that PackageLog is more than an amenity; it is a way for Property Management to save time, save money, and retain more residents.

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